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17-12-2014 – 01-01-1970

Tradart Auction

Ancient coins and Jewish-themed medals of high quality and pedigree

The next Tradart Auction will be held in Brussels on the November 20th. A set of six hundred coins and medals from Antiquity to the Modern era will be presented. Many of those specimens are of very high quality and pedigree and come from three coin cabinets: the Baron, Hofer and Sternberg collections. The two first collections offer us a great variety of Greek and Roman coins as well as a set of fine modern and French coins. These two collections have been created since the 1970’ until the beginning of the 1990’.

Silver tetradrachm struck in the Kingdom of Macedonia circa 229-221 during the reign of Antigonus Doson. Slightly patinated; large flan; René Baron collection. Estimate: 5.000-7.000 euros.

Among the coins from Antiquity, let us mention the magnificent and invaluable Antigonus Doson silver tetradrachm (229-221 BC) from the Baron collection. The tetradrachm shows a splendid portrait of Poseidon with, on the obverse, an extremely fine representation of Apollo sitting on the prow of a ship. Its stylistic qualities make this tetradrachm remarkable. Contrasting with the powerful image of the obverse, the gentleness emanating from Apollo is in the highest style. This level of artistic quality was, without a doubt, meant to glorify Antigonus Doson’s great naval victory at the island of Andros in 227. The naval victory, won during his expedition to Caria in south-west Asia Minor, weakened the power of Egypt’s Lagid dynasty in the Aegean Sea.

Silver cistophorus struck in Pergamon, during the reign of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD). Very rare; Beautiful style; slightly patinated; very fine specimen. Collection René Baron. Estimate: 4.000-5.000 euros.

This very rare and very fine silver cistophorus struck in Pergamon, during the reign of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD), presents the portrait of the emperor and the female sphinx. The sphinx is famous thanks to the Oedipal myth. For once in Greek mythology, a fearsome monster is overcome not by strength but by intelligence and foresight. The sphinx was represented on the ring of the emperor Augustus, who used it to seal official documents. His nearest collaborators owned rings as well to use them when he was absent.

German silver-plated bronze baptism medal, made by Christian Wermuth (1661-1739) in the 17th century. Very rare; finely patinated; fine specimen. Frank Sternberg collection. Estimate: 1.000-1.500 euros.

And what of the third medal cabinet? A unique event! A Jewish-themed medal collection consisting of about a hundred specimens from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Those medals come from the collection built over decades by the illustrious professional coin collector, Frank Sternberg, whose public auctions in Zurich always had a worldwide impact. This set of Judaica is commented with an enlightening preface addressed to every professional collector as well as to any art amateur, a foreword written by Zahava Seewald, the Curator of the Jewish Museum of Belgium.

Medal of the Jew Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, 1692-1738 with nineteen miniatures relating the significant moments of his life. Extremely rare; beautiful style; finely patinated; extremely fine specimen. Frank Sternberg collection. Estimate: 10.000-12.000 euros.

A very rare medal of the Jew Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, 1692-1738 with nineteen miniatures relating the significant moments of his life!
In 1738, having conspired with the Duke of Wurttemberg to abolish the privileges of Parliament, Oppenheimer was arrested for high treason and sentenced to death. Satirical medals were issued following this event and as a result of the popular resentment against him. One side illustrated Oppenheimer’s pathetic end, locked up in an iron cage as he was moved to the gallows and the other, in striking contrast, his bust in all his haughtiness.

The sale will be held at the B19 Business Club in Uccle – Brussels.

The collections will also be presented at several public exhibitions in Brussels:

  • November 2, at the Cercle de Lorraine
  • November 4, at the Club Château Sainte-Anne
  • November 12, at the B19 Business Club

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