The 50th Zurich International Coin Fair

The Zurich International Coin Fair celebrated its 50th birthday. Photo: CoinsWeekly.
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The Zurich International Coin Fair is a must. There is no alternative. After all, visiting the Zurich coin fair gets you right to the heart of Swiss numismatics. You can virtually meet every Swiss coin dealer that is or wants to be of major importance, you will encounter large auction houses as well as small local dealers and, most of all, many, many collectors – the well-known ones and the younger generations. They all crowd into the bright, big halls of the central Hotel Marriott, where the Zurich International Coin Fair has been taking place since last year.

Crowded, Lively and a Real Pleasure

If the atmosphere at the coin fair is an indicator of the Swiss coin market, we have to say: business is great! The coin fair was crowded – not too crowded, you could still have a nice chat – but there were so many people that you couldn’t get to every table whenever you wanted to. And one thing stood out: how much everyone appreciated to be able to meet people face to face again. What was taken for granted before Covid is now highly valued as something precious.

One Day Instead of Two

One of the things that characterise the Zurich International Coin Fair is how it constantly adapts to market conditions. And part of that is that the organisers decided to streamline the two-day event down to one day. This makes it easier for dealers to fit the fair into their schedules, and it also reduces the costs. After all, it allows them to avoid an expensive overnight stay in Zurich. The decision to hold the event on a Sunday had the pleasant side effect that the streets were empty and parking in Zurich was (more) affordable. Last year, the organisers had to find out the hard way that Sunday is not ideal for this, because a demonstration made it difficult for collectors to get to the venue.

After the Fair is Before the Fair

What else is there to say? The Zurich International Coin Fair is as young and attractive as ever. Founded during the numismatic boom of the 1970s, it is still an excellent platform for the current coin boom. It survived the long lean period of the 80s and 90s just as it survived Covid. Therefore: congratulations on the golden anniversary! Ad multos annos! Because we need the Zurich International Coin Fair! It is the most important event in Switzerland since the World Money Fair moved to Berlin. And it is fortunate that the Numismatic Society of Zurich also continues the Basel coin fair. It will take place on Sunday, 12 February 2023.

Save the date in your calendar. After all, the Basel coin fair is almost as great as the Zurich original.


Here you can find all the information about the Zurich International Coin Fair.

And this is the announcement of the Basel coin fair.

To active collectors in German-speaking Switzerland, it is highly recommended to become a member of the Numismatic Society of Zurich.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the president of the Numismatic Society of Zurich looks back on 50 coin fairs (in German).