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Tag: USA (Modern Period)

Important Gold Ingots from the “Ship of Gold” Once Lost at Sea

In 1857 the USA was shaken by a notice: S.S. Central America had sunk. The ship was later known as “Ship of Gold” because its cargo included an estimated $1.2 million in gold. Now two important large gold ingots recovered in 1988 will be for sale.

Why This Is the Only Gold Comitia Americana Medal in Private Hands

Stack’s Bowers Galleries offers a unique gold Daniel Morgan at Cowpens medal. It is the only gold Comitia Americana medal in private hands and was assumed to have been lost or melted. After decades it has reappeared and opened a new chapter of its exciting life.

The Last Gold Coins From the SS Central America

In 1857, the SS Central America sunk with her cargo: 9 tonnes of California gold coins. Only in the 1980s the shipwreck was rediscovered. Now the last 20 Dollar gold coins have been certified.

22 US Coins Sold at Auction in 2021 for $1 Million or More

In 2021 high-grade, rare United States coins soared as a PNG questionnaire revealed: 22 U.S. coins sold at auction for $1 million each or more. A new record after the record year 2020.

350.000 $ for a candy tin find

One of the very first coins to have been struck in what is now the United States, was discovered in a candy tin in a property of the Wentworth family. It now sold at Morton & Eden auction for an outstanding $351,912 (£264,000).

22nd Edition of Friedberg’s Paper Money of the United States

The Friedberg catalog of Paper Money from the United States has become a standard reference book on the subject over the last 68 years. The 22nd revised edition of 2021 is available in three different formats.

American Coins in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France

The coin cabinet at the Bibliothèque nationale de France is one of the biggest in the world. It also has a still little known and so far unpublished collection of North American coins and coins from the West Indies. Now former curator Jérôme Jambu has published the first volume of a catalogue.

ANA Money Museum Receives Multi-Million Dollar Donation

Dwight Manley donated more than 1,000 medals and coins from the Baker-Manley Collection to the ANA Edward C. Rochette Money Museum. Most of the items are related to President George Washington and include extremely rare and important specimens.

Gold, Silver, the Morgan Dollar and the Rarest Silver Crown of the Latin Monetary...

On 16 November 2021, Numismatica Genevensis will be auctioning a very important rarity: 5 francs, 1886 – the rarest silver crown of the Latin Monetary Union. Produced around the same time as the Morgan dollar, its rareness also shares the same economic and historical background: the overproduction of silver in the American town of Virginia City, Nevada.

New 1854 Period 1 California Fractional Gold Dollar Variety Discovered

Ken Glickman, an avid collector and researcher of California Fractional Gold coins, recently discovered a new die variety of this field. The last new unlisted variety was discovered in 2016 and sold recently for a record price of $57,600.