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Tag: USA (Modern Period)

The Most Important Document of Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State

A 1790 report written by Thomas Jefferson while Secretary of State is of extraordinary importance for US numismatics. Now one of only six known surviving copies was donated to the ANA.

What Was in President Lincoln’s & General Sherman’s Pockets?

The US Civil War caused turmoil with the finances of both the Union and the Confederacy. In this video interview with “President Lincoln” and “General Sherman” you will learn what constituted money at that time and what would have been in people’s pockets.

2022 Edition of MEGA RED

The expanded deluxe 8th edition of the MEGA RED guidebook on US coins is five times bigger than the regular edition. Appendices explore specialized subjects including a study of Chinese counterfeit coins by Beth Deisher, and a 2022 Coin Market Report by Jeff Garrett.

Greysheet Published 2023 Edition of Early Paper Money of America

Early Paper Money of America is the seminal reference book on the first circulating currencies of North America. The 2023 edition is the first new edition since 2008 and features full color images on 472 pages including all-new pricing.

Heritage Auctions Offering the Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection

The Harry Bass Jr. Collection assembles some of the rarest U.S. coins estimated to be worth more than $60 million. Starting in fall 2022 Heritage will offer it for sale. The proceeds shall go to Dallas non-profits.

How the US Mint Was Created

Heritage offers the 1791 congressional resolution authorizing the creation of the US Mint signed by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and other remarkable documents related to the origin of US coinage.

Graffiti on 1797 Silver Dollar Opens Window into U.S. History

Tiny hand-engraved letters on a U.S. silver dollar lead to the highly interesting life of Lucinda Walker of the Cherokee Nation. This woman links the coin to the “Trail of Tears”, the forced deportation of Native Americans.

Important Gold Ingots from the “Ship of Gold” Once Lost at Sea

In 1857 the USA was shaken by a notice: S.S. Central America had sunk. The ship was later known as “Ship of Gold” because its cargo included an estimated $1.2 million in gold. Now two important large gold ingots recovered in 1988 will be for sale.

Why This Is the Only Gold Comitia Americana Medal in Private Hands

Stack’s Bowers Galleries offers a unique gold Daniel Morgan at Cowpens medal. It is the only gold Comitia Americana medal in private hands and was assumed to have been lost or melted. After decades it has reappeared and opened a new chapter of its exciting life.

The Last Gold Coins From the SS Central America

In 1857, the SS Central America sunk with her cargo: 9 tonnes of California gold coins. Only in the 1980s the shipwreck was rediscovered. Now the last 20 Dollar gold coins have been certified.
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