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Tag: Prussia

Heinrich Wilhelm von Werther: The Man Who Averted a War

Sometimes, a war can be prevented or provoked by a single diplomat: this is the story of Heinrich Wilhelm von Werther, who played a central role in preventing a Europe-wide war from breaking out in 1830. The French king presented him with a unique medal, which will be auctioned at Künker on 27 September 2021.

The Coins of the Kingdom of Prussia, 1701-1740

Manfred Olding has written his newest catalogue on the coins of the Kingdom of Prussia. If you are familiar with the author’s other catalogues, you know what to expect from the coin dealer and Prussia expert from Osnabrück.

A long bridge for the benefit of all

On 27 September, 2012, the mayor of Berlin inaugurated the new Rathaus Bridge. It is already the sixth bridge in this historic location. An extremely rare gold medal commemorates the first stone bridge that was erected at the same place. On 27 June, 2019, the item is auctioned off at Künker in Osnabrück.
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