Sunday, 2024.02.25
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Tag: Greek coins (Antique)

The Coins of Mysia from the Plankenhorn Collection

Those interested in coins from Asia Minor under Roman rule certainly are familiar with the Plankenhorn name. The State Coin Collection of Munich now published the catalogue of his coins from Mysia, authored by the collector himself. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

The Most Beautiful Greek Coins Ever Made: Kimon’s Decadrachms

In its upcoming auction, Numismatica Genevensis will be presenting two specimens of the most beautiful coins of Greek numismatics – or even of all time, actually. These coins are two Syracusan decadrachms by Kimon, featuring an almost portrait-like image of Arethusa on the reverse.

Numismatic Icons – Pegasos

Pegasos was one of the most commonly depicted creatures on Greek coinage. CIT dedicates a new issue of its Numismatic Icons series to the mythological creature. For the first time, aficionados of the series will be offered an alternative to the silver edition.

The Last Coins of Independent Syracuse

The second part of Künker’s Spring Auction Sales is dedicated to antiquity: This article presents three specimens that are among the last coins that were issued by independent Syracuse while the Romans besieged the city and Archimedes built his defense machines.
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