Tuesday, 2024.06.18
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Tag: Finland (contemporary)

Treasures in Your Wallet: Finland’s 2 Euro Commemorative Coins

Finland’s euro coins are hardly ever found in circulation abroad. And that’s what makes collecting them so exciting. But be aware: many dealers sell “error coins” at high prices. Our expert numiscontrol explains how to save money.

The Lapland Gold Rush

Goldrush! When you hear that word, what comes to your mind? California. Yukon. Lapland? Actually the Ivalojoki River in Finland saw a gold rush once and even today people can find gold there. Whether travelling to Lapland can make you rich, reveals Sam Jacobs in this article.

Historical Coins On Finland’s 0 Euro Banknotes

Are you a coin collector, not a banknote collector? Finland’s new 0 euro banknotes combine both passions: three series are dedicated to the country’s rulers and presidents – and feature their coins. Our author numiscontrol presents the new issues.
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