Wednesday, 2022.11.30
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Tag: Cultural Property Issues

Will Israel Put an End to the Antiquities Trade?

Rumour has it that Israel no longer wants to issue export licenses for antiquities. That would put a sudden end to the flourishing trade in ancient objects in Israel. However, committed collectors and dealers mounted the barricades.

Antikenmuseum Basel Comes Under Fire From the Italian Police

Basel’s renowned Antikenmuseum is suspected of receiving stolen goods – according to Italian authorities, who confiscated objects from the museum. Despite all the drama, we should take a calm look at this complicated case.

Does the EU Ban the Import of Detectorists’ Finds From the United Kingdom?

New EU licensing regulations for cultural property could hamper metal detectorists’ ability to sell finds on the European market – although these items have been cleared for sale in the UK. An analysis by Ivan Macquisten.

Mosul Cultural Museum on Its Way to Reopening

Fundamentalist terrorists destroyed the Mosul Cultural Museum in 2015. Reconstruction has been underway since 2018. An international team is trying hard to allow the reopening of the museum soon. This is a story to raise the spirit.

Why Have US MOUs Become so Restrictive Against Coin Collectors?

Peter Tompa shares his inside knowledge about the disgraceful story of how MOUs are used as a means of policy. He states that the State Department is cooperating with an archeological lobby group in order to foster collaboration with authoritarian states.

How the EU Should Modify Their Planned Cultural Property Import Regulations

Ivan Macquisten shows the weak points of the proposed regulations concerning the import of cultural goods into the EU. The international art market analyst explains how a few simple adjustments could clearly improve the draft.

Online Consultation on New EU Cultural Property Import Regulations

The European Commission has published a draft of implementing regulations concerning the import of cultural goods into the EU. Everybody is invited to comment before April 21, 2021.

British Museum Presents Update on Treasure Reports

1,311 treasure finds for 2019, 1,077 for 2020 - these are the preliminary figures of the UK for the last two years. Find here three extraordinary cases from the last year.

Will the USA Implement a New MoU With Turkey?

The American Hellenic Institute requested the Biden administration to freeze a cultural property Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Turkey that imposes import restrictions on cultural goods with implications to religious minorities in Turkey.

UK Not Adopting EU Art and Antiquities Import Rules

The UK did not adopt the EU Art and Antiquities Import Rules. This will change a lot in the art market, but it also offers various opportunities for companies in the UK. We republish an article by Cultural Property News about the consequences of this move.