Sunday, 2024.02.25
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Tag: Canada (Contemporary)

Canada Introduces Transitional Effigy of the Late Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates Canada’s first woman journalist, Kathleen “Kit” Coleman. This coin introduces a transitional effigy of the late Queen Elizabeth II for collector and bullion coins until a new permanent obverse is chosen for all Canadian coins.

Glowing Fish Wins IACA Award

The Royal Canadian Mint and Central Bank of Barbados win the International Association Of Currency Affairs’ 2022 Excellence in Currency Award in the category “Best New Commemorative or Test Circulating Coin” with their $1 Glow-in-the-Dark Flying Fish.

Canadian Gold Bullion Coin Commemorates the Klondike Gold Rush

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a gold bullion coin commemorating the Klondike Gold Rush. The second coin in a series dedicated to this historical event illustrates a crucial operation in retrieving the gold.

Mounties Get on the Trail of Coin Counterfeiter

A man has been arrested in Canada for allegedly uttering counterfeit circulation coins. So far, 10,000 counterfeit coins have been removed from circulation by the authorities. One detail makes the counterfeits particularly recognisable.
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