Tuesday, 2024.04.16
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New Literature On Coins From Asia Minor

Starting in 2022, the “Bulletin numismatique de l’Asie Mineure” will present every year new publications discussing coins from Asia Minor. With the support of many experts Johannes Nollé and Oğuz Tekin will edit this new format as part of the online journal Gephyra.

Golden Age: Collecting the 12 Caesars in Gold Aurei

To possess the first emperors of Rome, the Twelve Caesars, in gold has been the dream of many collectors for centuries. David Michaels gives you a guide to assembling this highly coveted golden set. And CNG’s Triton Auction will be an ideal starting resp. arrival point.

Agrippina: Ruthless Murderess or Role Model?

Agrippina was the sister, wife and mother of an emperor and was held in high regard by the Roman people. Despite this, there are few women in the history of the Roman Empire with as terrible a reputation as hers. But is that reputation justified? We investigate with the help of coins from the Künker Auction 341.
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