Stephen Album Rare Coins, USA-Santa Rosa, California

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17-09-2014 – 19-09-2014

20th Auction

Chinese Cash Coins at Steve Album’s Santa Rosa auction

Stephen Album Rare Coins will hold their 20th Auction on September 18-20, 2014, at their offices in Santa Rosa, CA. This will be their largest auction to date, with 2978 lots to be hammered down over the three days. Featured groupings for this auction include the Nicholas Rhodes Collection of Chinese Cash Coins and the Dr. John Lund Collections of Norwegian and Danish India Coins.

Highlights from this sale include the following:

  • Lot 15: MYSIA: Anonymous, ca. 500-450 BC, electrum stater (16.07g), Kyzikos, Von Fritze 93, pl. III, 12; Boston 1469. SNG von Aulock 1192, SNG France 230, VF. Estimate $3,600-4,200.

  • Lot 592: KHAQANID: Abu’l-Hasan Muhammad b. Ahmad, 981-991, silver donative dirham (2.86g), Bardha’a, AH373, A-1907Z, pierced, never cleaned, VF to EF, RRRR. Estimate $3,600-4,200.
  • Lot 1021: KANSU: silver dollar, year 3 (1914), Y-407, L&M-617, bust of Yuan Shih Kai left, NGC graded EF details, R. Estimate $3,600-4,200.

  • Lot 1250: MUGHAL: Jahangir, 1605-1628, gold zodiac mohur, Agra, AH1032 year 18, KM-180.13, Libra (scales), NGC graded EF45, RRR. Estimate $35,000-45,000.

  • Lot 1831: TRANQUEBAR: Frederik V, 1746-1766, gold 2 royaliner trial strike, {Copenhagen}, 1756, KMTS14, Jensen-249, fully lustrous, magnificent strike, NGC graded MS66*, RRRR, ex Dr. John Lund Collection, ex Brian Hannon. Estimate $9,000-10,000.
  • Lot 2498: NORWAY: Christian IV, 1588-1648, silver specie daler, 1641, KM-12, Dav-3534, NGC graded AU53, ex Dr. John Lund Collection. Estimate $3,000-3,400.

  • Lot 2856: CANADA: George VI, 1936-1952, silver dollar, 1947, KM-37, pointed 7, quadrupled designer’s initials HP, NGC graded MS64. Estimate $3,600-4,400.

For more information see Steve Album’s website.