Stephen Album Rare Coins, USA-Santa Rosa (CA)

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18-09-2013 – 20-09-2013

Auction 17

Superb Indian coins

Auction #17 is just a few weeks away, a three-day auction in five sessions, 19-21 September 2013, now online at There are 2,236 lots, including a wide variety of coins, plus some numismatic books. The first session commences at 9:00 on Thursday morning, the 19th of September.

1721: NEPAL: Surendra Vikram, 1847-1881, AV duitola asarphi (22.93g), SE1771, KM-B618, Rh-937, special presentation issue, superb bold strike, About Unc, RRR. Estimate: $7,000-8,000.

The cover coin is Lot 1721, the magnificent gold duitola asarphi of Nepal, dated SE1771 (= AD 1849), in the name of Surendra Vikram, type Rhodes-937, in superb condition (estimate $7000-8000).
As usual, there are some especially attractive selections, including the Ottoman coinage of Tunis (Lots 321-411), some gorgeous Qarakhanid copper coins (Lots 490-515), the largest assemblage of Ilkhan coins yet offered (Lots 675-808), an intriguing assortment of Mughal coins (Lots 1072-1263), and as usual, a fine selection of Sikh coins (Lots 1327-1444).
There are also some magnificent European medals related to the Ottoman Empire, mostly catalogued under Austria, Germany and Russia.

Here are some of the most interesting coins in this auction:

104: ARAB-SASANIAN: ‘Abd al-Malik b. Abi Shay(kh), fl. 692, AR drachm (3.02g), APRShT (Abarshahr), AH72, A-M29, clipped down to about the post-reform Umayyad standard, very clear name, mint & date, Fine to VF, RRRR. Estimate: $1,500-2,000.

  • Lot 104, an Arab-Sasanian drachm of ‘Abd al-Malik b. Abi Shaykh, was struck at Abarshahr in AH72. It is nearly a decade since a coin of a previous unreported Arab-Sasanian governor has been offered (estimate $1500-2000).
  • There is an interesting group of four ‘Imranid silver dirham, two pieces from the well-known mint of al-Basra, plus two more from the extremely rare mint of al-Saliq (Lots 526-529).
  • The first known coin of the Kurdish kings of the Jibal, in the name of Isfahdost b. Shirdhil, struck at the rare mint of Qarmisin (Lot 530, estimate $800-1000).
    A nice selection of rare ancient Indian punchmarked silver coins, many of great rarity (starting with Lot 959).
  • Three experimental pattern coins of the Republic of India, dated 2005 and 2010, thus far unpublished (Lots 1624-1626, each estimated $2000-2500).
  • Some wonderful coins of the Nepalese kingdoms of Bhatgaon, Kathmandu and Patan, some in superb quality (starting with Lot 1637).

ENGLAND: Charles I, 1625-1649, AR crown (29.42g), Oxford, 1643, KM-226.1, Fine to VF. Estimate: $3,100-3,300.

  • A silver crown of England, Charles I, struck at Oxford and dated 1642 (Lot 1914, estimate $3100-3300).
  • Two very rare Visigothic gold tremisses of Spain, one in the name of Justinian I (Lot 2078, estimate $3700-3900), one of the local ruler Sisenand (Lot 2079, $2400-2500).
  • Two very rare brass coins of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean Sea, dated 1771, the half bit (Lot 2170) and the full bit (Lot 2171).
  • And for the error collectors, how about a slab error, an 1890 silver 10¢ of the Netherlands, in an NGC slab with correct identification but the incorrect country, Newfoundland rather than the Netherlands (Lot 2028, estimate $100-110).

This will be our first three-day auction, but with over 2200 lots, we will surely be exhausted by the time the last lot, #2236, is hammered down. And of course, we are actively seeking consignments for our auction #18, scheduled for 17-18 January 2014.

You can bid online and view the online catalog at the Steve Album website.