Stack’s Bowers Galleries, USA-New York City

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07-01-2016 – 08-01-2016

NYINC Auction

The Stack’s Bowers Galleries 2016 NYINC Auction to kick of the New Year

Stack’s Bowers Galleries announces details of their upcoming New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) sale of world coins, world paper money and ancient coins to be held January 8-9, 2016, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. 

After a highly successful year of auction activity in 2015, Stack’s Bowers Galleries opens the New Year with the annual NYINC sale, featuring over 2,800 lots of world material, a substantial increase from last year’s NYINC sale. The Showcase Auction is anchored this year by several prestigious collections, including Part III of the Syracuse Collection of highly prized Greek and Roman issues and the legendary Lennart Philipson Collection of Swedish coinage. Other notable consignments include the Groh Collection of Czechoslovakia gold (a spectacular grouping of the highest quality), as well as the Dr. Michael Phillip Collection.

Lot 30023: SICILY. Syracuse. Dionysios I, 406-367 B.C. AR Decadrachm, ca. 405-400 B.C. NGC Ch AU, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 3/5. Fine Style.

This year’s sale commences at 6:30 PM ET on the evening of Friday, January 8 with the Ancients Session, comprising over 200 lots. Rarities consist of a Starr Group Athens Drachm in pristine condition as well as four magnificent Syracuse Decadrachms, including an example signed by Kimon. 

Continuing onward that same evening, the very best of the Lennart Philipson Collection will be presented in a dedicated 100-lot session. This is a treasure of Swedish numismatics of the highest desirability, with many coins the finest or nearly finest graded – quality and rarity combined. Beginning with items from the 16th century, the collection covers every monarch to have ruled Sweden, and includes such rarities as a 1594 Sigismund Daler (one of two Sigismund Dalers in the session).

Lot 40083: SWEDEN. 4 Ducat, 1839-AG. Stockholm Mint. Karl XIV Johan (1818-44). NGC. MS-63 PL.

Other notable runs within the collection feature a series of coins struck under Karl XIV Johan, with six glistening issues in gold, including several pedigreed to the Louis Eliasberg Collection. 

The evening concludes with world coins, over 250 lots in all, covering Afghanistan to France. The depth and breadth is astonishing, with Albanian coinage that includes a 100 Franga in MS-64, multiple Provas, plus a 1986 platinum Essai from a mintage of seven pieces. Before countries beginning with the letter “A” have concluded, other notable entries will cross the block such as a trio of Mint State Austrian Netherlands issues (in both gold and silver) from the Brabant Revolution of 1790. For collectors of world gold who insist upon the best, do not miss lot 40201 from Brazil, a 20,000 Reis dated 1900 and graded MS-66 by NGC. Not only is it the finest graded for the date, it is also the single finest graded example for the entire 27-year series.

Other highly pursued coins hail from pre-confederation Canada, including several from the Q. David Bowers Collection. An 1839 Lower Canada ½ penny token graded MS-64 BN by PCGS is sure to draw intense interest, as will a New Brunswick 1843 Penny in NGC Proof-65 BN. Immediately after Canada, a bevy of Spanish Colonial coinage will be offered, including a 1791/0 Transitional 4 Reales from Chile graded MS-63 by NGC, as well as over two dozen high grade gold coins from Colombia. The catalog also reveals page after page of French coinage, again featuring many gold types such as an 1853 uniface pattern 5 Franc Essai in gold for Louis Napoleon III. 

On Saturday morning, at 9:00 AM ET, Session B will begin, with over 200 lots of world paper money. Notable banknotes include lot 50189, a 1927 Palestine 5 Pounds in PMG VF-20 that is sure to pique interest, a Sweden 1952 Sveriges Riksbank 1,000 Kroner in PMG-66, and a 1965 West African States 5,000 Francs in PMG-64. The remainder of Saturday afternoon is left open to allow a chance to peruse the bourse floor, before bidding reconvenes that evening at 6:30 PM ET with Session C, the remainder of the world coin lots starting with German East Africa. 

Lot 41054 – GREAT BRITAIN. Spur-Ryal (15 Shillings), ND (1619-24). Third Coinage. James I (1603-25). NGC MS-64.

Multiple Taler issues abound through the Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel section, with Taler, 2 Taler, 3 Taler, 4 Taler, 6 Taler and 10 Taler coins up for bid. In gold, be sure to view the ca.1658 Frankfurt Medallic 5 Ducat struck for the coronation of Leopold I. Leaping across the channel to Great Britain, the hammered gold offering features multiple MS-63 gold Nobles from Edward III, a gold Sovereign from Elizabeth I, and several gold Ryals from James I grading as high as MS-64 and is certain to produce a pandemonium of bidding. If more recent coinage from England is to your tastes, consider lot 41081, a uniface 1926 pattern Crown that is unique! 

The Italian section presents a cornucopia of States coinage, with heavy emphasis on Papal States before moving on to early 20th century issues such as a 1905-R Italy 100 Lire in MS-62 and a Prova 1914-R Italy 5 Lire in MS-65. Other exotic coins include an 1891 Madagascar Pattern Kirobo struck for Queen Ranavalona in SP-62, the only example in existence, as well as a highly desirable Siege of Malta 30 Tari ingot dated 1800. As is always the case, Mexico is well represented, with many gold 8 Escudos coins pedigreed to the Archer M. Huntington Collection. 

Very rare, extremely rare, almost extremely rare – how does one describe an AH 1201 Moroccan 10 Mithquals (10 Riyals) when there are perhaps fewer than 10 known examples? Tied for finest graded with one other in AU-53 by PCGS, the piece will be high on the list of many serious world gold coin bidders. From here the sale progresses to coinage from the Netherlands, including multiple hoards of gold Ducats, before focusing on the coinage of Peru. Without question the highlight from that nation will be lot 41328, a South Peru 8 Escudos graded MS-62 by NGC and struck on a fully problem-free planchet.

Lot 41399: RUSSIA. Ruble Novodel, 1796-CNB. Paul I (1796-1801). NGC AU-50.

As the sale winds down, coin after coin will appear that would individually qualify as the “grand crescendo,” only to be exceeded a few lots later by another coin even more spectacular! A Portuguese 10 Cruzados from the reign of Manuel I (1495-1521) is followed a few lots later by the finest graded 1885-B Romania 5 Lei in MS-63, leading to a procession of Russian rarities that are capable attracting the envy of a museum curator. Offered are multiple examples of the rare Peter the Great Tynf, including an almost unheard of 1709/8 overdate, plus a comprehensive offering of Ruble coinage from nearly every Russian ruler of the 18th and 19th centuries. Catherine the Great gold, a pattern Paul I novodel Ruble, multiple proof Poltinas, scads of commemoratives including the 1914 Gangut, and finally multiple early Soviet die pairs, all are sure to draw a frenzy of bidder activity.

Finally, beginning on Tuesday, January 12, at 10:00 AM PT, the Internet Only Session D will begin, with Session E commencing at the same time the following day. With over 1,500 lots (well over double the size of last year’s sale) the overall quality of the material offered is some of the finest Stack’s Bowers had presented in an Internet-only session. Notable offerings include lot 31224, a Mint State Byzantine Solidus sporting 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surfaces, and lot 42215, an MS-63 gold 1847 Costa Rica ½ Escudo. 

Lot viewing prior to the sale will be available, by appointment only, at the Stack’s Bowers Santa Ana office December 15-18, and 21; by appointment only at the firm’s New York store December 29-31 and January 2-4, and without appointment starting Wednesday, January 6th in the Morgan Suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 

The complete auction catalogue you may find here.