Stack’s Bowers Galleries, USA-New York

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09-01-2014 – 12-01-2014

Official Auction of the New York International Numismatic Convention

International parade of rarities at Stacks’ Bowers’ NYINC auction

Stack’s Bowers Galleries serves as an official auctioneer of the 42nd annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC). This convention is one of the most heavily attended shows in all of numismatics and the auction sessions presented by Stack’s Bowers Galleries will headline the week’s activities. Important rarities in world coins, paper money and medals will command attention from around the world during this important event.

Starting Friday, January 10 at 6:30 p.m., Stack’s Bowers Galleries will showcase a wide variety of ancient coins. Among the highlights crossing the block is a remarkably choice silver Athenian Tetradrachm, ca. 454-431 B.C., …

90: PTOLEMAIC EGYPT. Ptolemy IV. AV Octodrachm (27.85 gms), Alexandria Mint, 221-204 B.C.

… and an Extremely Fine Ptolemy IV. Gold Octodrachm (27.85 gms) from the Alexandria Mint, 221-204 B.C.

229: BELGIUM. Brabant. 2 Mouton d’Or, ND (ca. 1370/1). Vilvorde Mint. NGC MS-63.

World coins follow with a very attractive Choice Belgian 2 Mouton d’or of Jeanne and Wenceslas Brabant ND (ca. 1370/1) from the Vilvorde Mint in NGC MS-63. An extremely rare 1710 Bolivian ‘Heart’ 8 Reales 1710-Y. 26.67 gms. graded Extremely Fine will also spark intense interest as it crosses the block.

A pleasing selection of Brazilian coins including a choice 20,000 Reis, 1727-M, graded NGC MS-62; a very rare 200 Reis, 1749-R of Joao V (1706-50) in an MS-63 PCGS Secure Holder; and a superb 960 Reis, 1832-R graded NGC MS-65 are just a few of the Brazilian coins to be showcased that evening. ‘As many collectors of Latin American coins know, coins of Brazil are especially popular in the current market place, and we anticipate a standing-room-only crowd when they cross the auction block,’ said Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Stack’s Bowers Galleries. ‘Other important South American rarities include the finest certified Chile 8 Reales of Charles III 1788-DA graded NGC MS-62 that will certainly capture the interest of connoisseurs worldwide.’

479: COLOMBIA. 8 Escudos “Milled”, 1755-S. Nuevo Reino Mint (Bogota). PCGS EF-45 Secure Holder.

The most important discovery to cross the block this week and perhaps this year is the previously unknown Colombia 1755 Nuevo Reino ‘Milled’ 8 Escudos. This sole surviving specimen is an extraordinary discovery coin of the utmost historical importance and is graded PCGS EF-45 and housed in a Secure Holder. This coin has been the subject of much advance attention and is expected to bring a record price. A very rare and superb 1938 10 Dukatu of Czechoslovakia graded PCGS MS-67 Secure Holder will also amaze bidders with its exceptional quality.

1003: GREAT BRITAIN. George III, 1760-1820. Pattern 5 Guineas, 1773.

The parade of rarities continues Saturday, January 11 at 6:30 p.m. Front-row center is an impressive British 1773 George III Pattern 5 Guinea of George III, 1760-1820 – a stellar milled English gold rarity of the first magnitude from The Thos. H. Law Collection graded NGC PF-64.

‘As students of British gold coins know, no Five Guineas were struck during the rule of George III, only a very tiny number of patterns, and this one is among the finest of these major rarities,’ said Ponterio. ‘We expect serious bidder competition when this, and a very rare 1768 2 Guineas Pattern of George III in NGC PF-63, cross the block.’ Another extremely rare Pattern Proof 1820 5 Pounds by Pistrucci, also from The Thos. H. Law Collection, will go to a good home after spirited bidding.

An elusive one year type of Korea, a Warn, from Year 497 (1888) in a PCGS EF-45 Secure Holder will delight advanced collectors of Asian coins.

Among Mexican coins, Stack’s Bowers Galleries will present the finest graded 1/2 Grano, 1769-MoGO which is well struck with excellent luster, and grades NGC MS-65 RB. Also offered is the finest graded Grano, 1769-MoGO graded NGC MS-65 RB, making this a very rare opportunity to add both to a superb collection.

1461: NORWAY. Speciedaler, 1637. NGC MS-62.

An impressive Speciedaler of Christian IV of Norway dated 1637 is highly desirable in its MS-62 (NGC) state of preservation, and is a type that scarcely appears at auction.

The ultimate Puerto Rican mint error will create quite the buzz among specialists when it crosses the block. This 1895-PGV Peso is double struck with a blank planchet obstruction — a remarkable piece with an exceptional pedigree to the collection of a well-known Puerto Rican numismatist and author Efrain Archilla-Diez. This highly desirable piece, housed in a PCGS Genuine-Rim Damage, Unc Details D/S-2nd Strike 80% O/C Secure Holder, will be the focal point of any advanced world error coin collection.

Another important ‘BRIC’ country is well represented in the sale. Impressive coins of Russia include a Peter I (1689-1725) Ruble of 1705, overstruck on a 1630 Polish Taler, is graded PCGS AU-50 and housed in a Secure Holder; a stellar example of an Elizabeth Ruble, 1751-CNB in NGC MS-63; and a very rare 5 Ruble 1768/7-CNB of Catherine II (1762-96), unlisted as an overdate (the 8 is clearly punched over a 7) and is graded PCGS AU-53 Secure Holder.

Additional coin highlights of the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Official Auction of the NYINC include:

  • An extremely rare Follis of Kiurike II of Greater Armenia.  Possibly the finest known specimen. Tashir-Lori. Kiukre II (ca. 1048-1100 A.D.). AE Follis (7.11 gms) ND. Nercessian 514.NGC Ch VF, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 4/5.
  • An exceptional Archaemenid Daric. Dareios I to Xerxes I, ca. 505-480 B.C. AV Daric (8.35 gms). Sunrise-19 EXTREMELY FINE.
  • GERMANY. Hamburg. 10 Ducat (Portugaloser), ND (ca. 1675-92). Fr-1103a. NGC VF-25.
  • GERMANY. Prussia. 10 Mark, 1878-B. Bayreuth Mint. Fr-3823; KM-504. NGC Unc Details–Surface Hairlines.
  • SAXONY. 2 Taler, 1657. Johann George II (1656-80). KM-460; Dav-LS398. Death of Ferdinand III. Finest graded by NGC. NGC MS-63.
  • PERU. 4 Escudos, 1770-JM. Lima.    Charles III (1759-88). Fr-29; KM-71.2; Cal-type-34#275; Lopez-Chaves Sanchez-42. NGC AU-58.
  • RUSSIA. 12 Ruble, 1830-CNB. Fr-158; C-179; Bit-39; Severin-601. Struck in platinum. VERY RARE. NGC AU Details–Repaired.

Sprinkled throughout the evening sessions is another offering from The Demarete Collection, featuring important medals from the Renaissance to the modern era. Over 100 lots of medals and coins from this extensive collection provide a wonderful survey of European history in medal form, and are highlighted by a selection of very rare Polish and Russian medals.

672: GERMANY. Regensburg. Relocating of the Reichstag Silver Medal, 1745.

Showcased items include a very rare Regensburg Relocating of the Reichstag Silver Medal, 1745; a rare Stralsund (Pomerania) Battle of Stralsund Silver Medal, 1715; Papal States, Battle of Lepanto Silver Medal, 1571; a Poland – Restoration of Augustus II Medal in Silver, 1698; Russia – Conquest of Ochakov Silver Medal, ND (ca. 1788) and Sweden – Peace Between Sweden & Poland Silver Medal, 1706.
“As with many of the wonderful items that we have already offered from this important collection, this selection of material from The Demarete Collection will excite numismatic enthusiasts the world over,” commented Lawrence R. Stack, founder of Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

On Monday, January 13 at 10 a.m., the venue changes to the Stack’s Bowers gallery located at 110 West 57th Street, and leads with The Anthony J. Terranova Collection of Art-Nouveau Medals. Anthony J. Terranova, a well-known dealer and collector from New York, assembled his incredible collection of Art medals, in bronze, silver, and gold over the course of many years. These beautifully designed pieces are works of art, and when compared with contemporary pieces, are quite attractively priced, and accessible to a variety of collectors. Featuring over 150 examples, this is one of the finest offerings ever assembled, and is superbly presented in its own section of the sale. A collection of this variety will no doubt entice the art lover inside many numismatists.

Other medals include several Renaissance medals, a gorgeous Denmark Marriage Medal in Gold, 1752 …

1708: SWEDEN. Visit to the Royal Couple to Falun Silver Medal, 1755.

… and a Swedish Visit to the Royal Couple to Falun Silver Medal, 1755, among many others. Serious collector of medals and individuals looking to delve into a new area of specialization will have many great items to consider.

Immediately following in its own separate catalog is over 500 lots of world paper money with a focus on banknotes of the British Commonwealth. An amazing presence of banknotes featuring portrait vignettes of Queen Elizabeth II will certainly entice collectors. These banknotes are among the most popular with collectors and the scope and quality of this offering is tremendous.

A trove of British Honduras and Belize notes in all denominations are found in lofty Gem states of preservation, along with an incredible group of British Caribbean Territories. Indian banknotes are also represented quite nicely with a trove of King George VI 100 Rupees notes, along with an incredible quartet of Persian Gulf One and Five Rupee notes in Gem states.

3008: ANGOLA. Banco Nacional Ultramarino 50 Escudos, 1.1.1920. P-54.

A highlight of the sale will certainly be the rare Banco Nacional Ultramarino 50 Escudos note from Angola with a 1920 series date; a note owned once by renowned dealer Mel Steinberg. It is a piece that will certainly receive spirited bidding by advanced collectors. Canadian banknotes make a large presence with an always-popular 1937 $1,000 Bank of Canada issue in a Gem state. Several 1954 issues are also to be offered with focus on a rare ‘Devil’s Face’ specimen set, including the $1,000 design. The highly popular Qatar and Dubai Currency board series are found with Gem examples of the One, Five and 10 Riyal denominations.

Additional paper money highlights of the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Official Auction of the NYINC include:

  • ANGOLA. Banco Nacional Ultramarino 50 Escudos, 1.1.1920. P-54. PMG Very Good 10 Net.
  • AUSTRLIA. Commonwealth of Australia. 1 Pound, ND (1961-65). P-34*. PMG About Uncirculated 55. Star Note.
  • BRITISH CARIBBEAN TERRITORIES. British Caribbean Territories, Eastern Group 10 Dollars, 2.1.1964. P-10c. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58 EPQ.
  • CANADA. Bank of Canada $1000, 1937. P-65. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ.
  • COSTA RICA. Banco Internacional de Costa Rica 2 Colones, 1931-36. P-167cts. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 Net.
  • EGYPT. National Bank of Egypt 50 Pounds, 16.4.1906. P-5s. PCGS Very Choice New 64.
  • FIJI. Government of Fiji. 1 Pound, 1.12.1965. P-53h. P-53h. PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ.
  • GUERNSEY. States of Guernsey £5, 1.12.1956. P-44a. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ.
  • HONG KONG. Government of Hong Kong. $1, ND (1935). P-311. PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ.
  • INDIA. Reserve Bank of India 5 Rupees, ND (1959-70). P-R2. PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ.
  • PALESTINE. Palestine Currency Board. 10 Pounds, 7.9.1939. P-9c. PMG Very Fine 25.
  • SEYCHELLES. Government of Seychelles. 1 Rupee, 7.7.1943. P-7a. PMG About Uncirculated 53.
  • WEST INDIES. Currency Board. $1, 2.1.1957. P-Unlisted. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 Net. Printer’s Essay.

You can view all lots of this auction on the Stack’s Bowers website.