Stack’s Bowers Galleries, USA-New York

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11-01-2017 – 13-01-2017

NYINC Auction

Magnificent Russian section at Stack’s Bowers Galleries 2017 NYINC Auction

Stack’s Bowers Galleries forthcoming auction of world coins, world paper money and ancient coins, is held in conjunction with the prestigious New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC). This event will be held January 12-14 2017 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in vibrant Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

The Ancient and World Coin sale will be split between two days, with Session B commencing on Friday evening January 13, at 6:30 PM ET. Session C will be held Saturday, January 14 at 6:30 PM ET. Session A, featuring World Paper Money, is scheduled to begin Thursday January 12 at 1:00 PM ET. 

Lot 2008: Sicily. Akragas. Tetradrachm, ca. 420-410 B.C. NGC Ch. VF. Estimate: 20,000-25,000 USD.

The first of many incredible pieces appears right out of the gate, an Akragas Tetradrachm. Featuring two massive sea eagles and the fearsome Scylla, this ancient coin is sure to see spirited bidding. The next lot is also an amazing piece of classical artistry, a Catane Tetradrachm with the signature of the engraver Heracleidas. Following these highlights will be a nice run of Syracusan Tetradrachms, with the majority from the Michael L. Fogarty Collection. Collectors of ancient Judaea will be delighted to see the incredible Bar Kochba Zuz struck over a Vespasian “Judaea Capta” Denarius. Among Roman Empire coins is a lovely Aureus of Domitian featuring a defeated Germanicus reverse design, along with a run of issues from the “Judaea Capta” series. With a total of 150 lots, the Ancients section is sure to attract plenty of interest.

That same evening, selections from the Richard Stuart Collection will cross the auction block. This collector’s dedication is readily seen in this carefully curated material from Central America. Of note are amazing modern gold issues with microscopic mintages and 21 stunning Central American Republic Sun over Mountain 8 Reales from the Guatemala mint, each a different date or variety. The level of detail in this grouping is nearly unbelievable, a veritable forest of well struck Ceiba trees. Also present in this amazing collection is the only known example of a Panama 150 Balboa in gold, the only 1947 crown in gold and possibly unique. 

Immediately following the selections from the Richard Stuart Collection will be World Coins from Albania to Great Britain. With over 280 lots there is something for nearly every collector. An early highlight is a possibly unique uniface Rosas Pattern in silver from Argentina, a once in a lifetime bidding opportunity. The Low Countries offer some fantastic gold issues, beginning with a gem Insurrection Lion d’Or from the Austrian Netherlands. Page after page of Belgian gold follows, including a wonderful Couronne d’Or from Hainaut. Over a dozen Brazilian gold pieces will please even the most discerning collector, highlighted by a rare early Bahia mint 6,400 Reis dated 1735. A respectable run of Chinese modern coinage is topped off by a superb gem Proof gold Archery piefort and a “Great Wall” Medal with the correct spelling of “Heroes.” France is well represented by over 50 exquisite lots, featuring an exceptional Masse d’Or of Phillipe the Fair. 

Lot 2457: Great Britain. Pattern Half Broad, Dated 1656 (1738). Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector (1653-58). NGC Proof-65 CAMEO. Estimate: 25,000-35,000 USD.

British coinage is incredible, with particular emphasis on the Michael Druck Collection and its grouping of Oliver Cromwell pattern coinage. The Michael Druck Collection also offers a fantastic Mint State Half Pound of Elizabeth I, that is sure to fetch a premium bid. The stunning Oliver Cromwell pattern coinage is sure to dazzle, and features three pattern Half Broads struck in gold along with a Broad, Half Broad and Sixpence struck in silver. Each of the above (save the Sixpence) represents the sole certified example. These numismatic treasures from the Michael Druck Collection will attract great excitement as they cross the auction podium. Fewer than ten lots later will be found the marquee lot of the auction, the iconic “Una and the Lion” Proof set. This 15-piece Proof set is capped by one of the most famous English rarities, the Una and the Lion 5 Pound piece. This important set is illustrated on the back cover of the catalog. Throughout the British portion of the catalog will be found a fantastic array of medals featuring various themes and monarchs. 

Bidding resumes on Saturday evening at 6:30 PM ET with Session C, which covers the remainder of the world coin lots starting with Greece. Right away (just four lots in) there is a beautifully toned Central American Republic Sun over Mountain 8 Reales from the Guatemala mint. Next in line is a run of Hungarian pieces, most of which are from the Mezo-Toth Kalman Collection. Immediately following is over a dozen pieces of Indian gold. Italy is well represented as well, with over 36 pieces and some stunning highlights, including a gem Mint State 1865 5 Lire produced by the Torino Mint and a 1912 100 Lire which is tied for finest certified at Mint State 65. Soon after comes a Lithuanian Mint State Half Ducat from 1665, a seldom offered and incredibly choice piece.

The next major section is the coinage of Mexico, comprising 102 pieces in this session. From Carlos and Johanna through to the modern age, every major epoch of Mexican numismatics is represented. A choice Mint State 8 Escudos of Philip V stands out and is likely one of the finest available. Also to be offered is a rare and attractive armored bust 4 Escudos of Ferdinand VI, which was only issued for two years. Along with the standard coinage types there is a substantial section of modern Mexican medals of varying commemorative themes. Browsing through the catalog, page after page of gold medals exude fantastic luster.

Over two dozen pieces from the Netherlands will be auctioned, and nearly half of them can trace their provenance to Stack’s sale of the Clifford T. Weihman Collection of Gold Coins of the World, sold in October 1951. The first highlight of this section is attributed to that sale, an 1818 10 Gulden, the first year of issue and very rare as such. Two more 10 Gulden pieces are also featured; one is an 1850 gem Proof (the second finest certified) and the other is a very rare 1895/1 piece from a mintage of just 149 pieces. The Dutch section continues with scarce 15th and16th century pieces and rare Proof Ducats. Among coins of Peru there is a lovely run of gold and a historically significant silver Indian Peace medal that is plated in Medina (see catalog for details).

Russia. Ducat, 1716. Peter I (The Great) (1689-1725). PCGS AU-55 Secure Holder. Estimate: 35,000-50,000 USD.

The Russian section of this sale can be described as magnificent, both in scale and importance, starting with Vladimir the Great, and a rare Srebrenik offering from the father of Rus. Amazingly, there is a second Srebrenik in the sale, that piece was issued by Vladimir’s eldest son, Sviatoslav the Damned. These historically important pieces inaugurate the Russian section and are sure to elicit spirited bidding. Peter the Great provides some impressive highlights including an incredible “Capture of Azov” medal struck in gold, a silver “Tour of Europe” medal, a Latin inscription 1716 Ducat and a rare 1724 2 Ruble. Next up is a true show-stopper, a potentially unique Empress Anna coronation medal in gold. Impressive design, large size and extreme rarity all coalesce in this piece, which should elicit a frenzy of bids. The empress Elizabeth provides a very rare and lovely 1753 St. Andrew Ducat which is the finest certified example. Moving on to Catherine the Great, there is a historically significant pair of Jetons (one in gold and one in bronze) commemorating the opening of the Imperial Academy of Arts. As for her coinage, offered are two gold multiple Rubles, a 1779 10 Ruble and a 1782 5 Ruble. A gold “Peace with Turkey” Medal is also historically significant and rare. The always popular 19th century platinum multiple Rubles are present, and the splendid 12 Ruble of 1831 provides an impressive figurehead. The Order of St. Stanislaus, Civil Division 1st Class Sash badge and breast star will appeal to collectors of exonumia. Moving on to the final Romanov Emperor, Nicholas II, a gorgeous Proof Ruble with fantastic toning will be offered. There are many other coin highlights as well as a multitude of interesting and highly appealing medals.

Among medieval Spanish gold, there are types not often seen and in excellent Mint State quality. The offering of Swiss pieces features a gorgeous gem 1925 Helvetia 100 Franc piece and a substantial group of medals that should please collectors of Swiss numismatics. Rounding out the final pages of the sale is an excellent trio of Transylvanian Talers, including a wondrous Klippe Taler of Michael Apafi I. This hexagonal piece is of great rarity and will undoubtedly occupy a place of prestige in its next collection. The final highlight is a Venezuelan 500 Bolivares gold piece commemorating the nationalization of the oil industry, a highly desirable and very rare piece. 

The Stack’s Bowers January catalog will also offer several Internet Only Auction Sessions, each packed full of desirable numismatic items. Session E will offer 282 lots of Ancient coins, and will begin promptly at 9:00 AM PT on Tuesday, January 17. The World Paper Money Internet Only Session D will also be held at that same date and time. The World Coin Session F will be held on Wednesday, January 18 and begin at 9:00 AM PT. Session F will feature over 1,400 lots and there is surely a treasure or two to be found for collectors of all disciplines. A Siberian 2 Kopek in an excellent degree of preservation is just one of the many desirable pieces awaiting bidders. 

In addition to these exceptional numismatic offerings, the Stack’s Bowers NYINC auction features a session of World Paper Money, which will be held on Thursday, January 12 at 1:00 PM ET. Among the over 400 lots in the live session is the Zanzibar 5 Rupees note which is the finest graded, uncancelled, issued note. Also of note are two Imperial Bank of Persia notes (the P-7 50 and P-8 100 Tomans and a Qatar & Dubai 25 Riyals graded by PMG as Very Fine-25, and lacking the typical graffiti found on these examples. Please see the separate World Paper Money press release for an in depth review of this session.

Lot viewing will be available at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Santa Ana office before the sale, as well as in New York City. Check the company’s website for specific dates and times.

When you are ready to sell, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is standing by to discuss a custom consignment arrangement. The firm offers professional handling of your collection, with a proven track record of accomplished sales. Currently, consignments are being accepted for the May 2017 Collector’s Choice Online auction, the April 2017 Hong Kong Auction and the August 2017 ANA Auction. Contact a consignment specialist at 949-253-0916 or via email or stop by and visit the Stack’s Bowers Galleries table located on the bourse floor at the New York International Numismatic Convention which runs from Thursday January 12 to Sunday January 15.

Please view the auction catalogues here.