Stack’s Bowers Galleries, USA-Denver, Colorado

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31-07-2017 – 04-08-2017

Stack’s ANA World’s Fair of Money Auctions

Stack’s Bowers Galleries in the Mile-High City for the 2017 ANA Auction

Stack’s Bowers Galleries announce details of their upcoming World Coin, Ancient Coin & World Paper Money Auctions, to be held in conjunction with the 2017 ANA World’s Fair of Money between August 1 and 5. The event will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

The Ancient Coin and World Coin sale will be split between two days, with Session A commencing on Wednesday morning August 2, at 9:30 AM sharp at the convention center. Session B will start two days later at 9:30 AM on Friday morning. Session C, featuring World Paper Money, is scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM that same evening.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries has been working tirelessly to enhance their new website that was launched just over a year ago. The viewing process has been improved, the bidding process simplified, and a mobile app has been released to bring the auction to your fingertips. The goal is to streamline and enrich the numismatic experience for clients. 

Sicily. Syracuse. Dionysios I, 406-367 B.C. Decadrachm, ca. 405-390 B.C. NGC AU, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 3/5. Fine Style.

The Ancient Coin section starts off with two exciting Euainetos Decadrachms, the first of which is a signed die type. Moving on to Roman Issues, a Julius Caesar Aureus is featured as lot 20072, and is sure to draw considerable attention and bids. Multiple attractive Aurei can be found in the remainder of the Roman section, including a Tiberius issue as lot 20082 and a terrific Faustina Junior piece in lot 20103. From the edge of the Roman Empire arrives lot 20105, a superb Solidus, issued by Magnus Maximus who emptied Britannia of the significant Roman garrison, allowing local cultures to flourish. The variety of coins included in the Ancient coin section of this sale is sure to entice a wide array of collectors.

Immediately following the Ancient coin section is the first portion of the World Coins from Albania to Guadeloupe. Fairly early into the section an Australian 1918 Calcutta Mint Specimen Penny is followed two lots later by another fantastic Australian rarity (lot 20136): a Kookaburra Pattern Penny of 1921. Rounding out the incredible Australian highlights is lot 20139, a brilliant proof 1937 Crown. A great run of Austrian coinage includes a Francis II Gold Coronation as Holy Roman Emperor Medal as lot 20153. The session continues with a nice group of early Belgian gold, followed by the Bolivian and Brazilian coins; among the latter will be found lot 20200, a beautiful Mint State 1823-R 6,400 Reis and lot 20203, a low mintage two year type 4,000 Reis of Pedro II. A pleasing offering of Chilean coinage adds to the strong Latin American portions of the sale, as does lot 20254 – a Mint State Sun over Mountains 4 Escudos minted in Costa Rica. The remainder of the Costa Rican section is sure to excite, with more sun over mountain types and two 1970 Proof sets. 

Cuba. 20 Pesos, 1915. Philadelphia Mint. PCGS PROOF-63 CAMEO Secure Holder.

Cuban coinage comprises a robust grouping of 26 excellent pieces. The Blue Moon Collection provides a 1915 Proof gold set (sold individually) of 20 Pesos through to 1 Peso. The 20 Pesos and 10 Pesos are seldom offered and are sure to attract strong attention. 

Over 50 lots from France provide an excellent array of collectible treasures with some spectacular early gold. Highlights include: lot 20312 (Mint State Leopard d’Or of Edward III), lot 20315 (Choice Pavillion d’Or of Edward ‘the Black Prince’), and lot 20348 (Henry V Pretender Five Franc Silver Essai). Germany provides a major run, highlighted by lot 20383, an extremely rare Pfaffenfeind Double Ducat (with a jaw-dropping design). Additionally, an impressive Medallic 5 Goldgulden (lot 20389) is sure to appeal to gold enthusiasts. Session A is capped with well over 100 lots attributed to Great Britain and it is a formidable challenge to highlight just one or two sensational coins. Notable issues of Henry IV, Edward VI, Elizabeth I, James II, William and Mary and George III will attract enthusiastic bidding, as will a fantastic array of medals, ranging in themes and monarchs.

Bidding will resume on Friday August 4th at 9:30 AM MT with Session B, which encompasses the remainder of the world coin lots starting with over 30 pieces from Guatemala. From that country comes a rare transitional type 8 Escudos (dated 1789) that features the bust of Charles III and legend: “Carol IV”. Additionally, a Mint State 2 Escudos pedigreed to the Eliasberg Collection is featured. Moving on to India, an exceptional Gem Proof 1879 5 Rupees offered in lot 21072, is sure to be a monumental addition to any collection of world gold. Italy provides two spectacular gold pieces: lot 21109 (1883 100 Lire in fantastic condition) and a very rare 20 Lire minted from gold mined in Eritrea (lot 21111). 

Poland. Taler, 1580. Olkusz Mint. Stefan Bathory (1575-86). PCGS Genuine–Cleaning, VF Details Secure Holder.

The next major section is the coinage of Mexico, boasting 147 pieces. From Carlos & Johanna through the modern age, every major epoch of Mexican numismatics is represented. Notable issues include: lot 21149, a legendary “three bars” 3 Reales of Carlos and Johanna; lot 21159, an iconic “MX” 8 Reales with single letter Assayer “F”, lot 21189, a Mint State Iturbide 8 Escudos, and lot 21205, the finest certified 1860 Zacatecas 4 Escudos. Along with the vintage coinage types there is a substantial section of modern Mexican coinage, topped off by a 1922 Two Centavos as lot 21274 that is tied for finest certified. Peru provides the next substantial section, with nearly 40 lots and a wonderful array of gold coinage. Two 1712 8 Escudos start the section off followed by page after page of wonderful numismatic treasures. The catalog then turns to 16th century Europe and a highly important discovery from Polish numismatics in lot 21361. This 1580 Taler of Stefan Bathory features a previously unknown die muling. A Mint State 3 Ducat of Stanislaus Augustus in lot 21364 is sure to draw considerable attention.

Russia. Coronation of Paul I Gold Medal, ND (1797). PCGS Genuine–Filed Rims, Unc Details Secure Holder.

As Friday afternoon draws to a close, some of the most spectacular coins come to the fore. The Russian section is large and includes multiple great rarities. The highlights start with a great 2 Ruble of Peter the Great and continue to include lot 21392, a rare 1738 Ducat of Anna; lot 21399, a highly sought after “Dassier” Ruble; lot 21406, a massive gold medal commemorating the birth of Alexander Pavlovich (future emperor Alexander I), and lot 21410, a visually magnificent Paul I gold coronation medal. Two final highlights from the reign of Emperor Nicholas I include lot 21421, an extremely rare and finest certified 1827 5 Ruble, and lot 21422, a fantastic Pattern 2 Kopek.

The sale then moves on to a hefty run of South African gold headlined by lot 21489, a Veld Pond struck at Pilgrim’s Rest, a historically significant piece from the Boer conflict. The final highlight for Session B hails from Venezuela, a rare 1889 Half Bolivar found in lot 21536.

Stack’s Bowers will also offer Internet Only Ancient and World Coin Sessions, each packed with desirable items. The World Coin Session D will be held on Monday, August 7 beginning at 9:00 AM PT, and contains over 1,300 lots featuring a panorama of world coinage. Session E will offer 182 lots of Ancient coins, and will begin promptly at 12:00 PM PT on Tuesday, August 8. 

Philippines. Philippine Islands. 500 Pesos, 1906. P-33c. PMG Very Fine 25 Net. Rust.

In addition to the exceptional coin offerings, Stack’s Bowers Galleries feature a session of World Paper Money that will be held on Friday, August 4 at 6:30 PM MT. Highlights among the over 400 lots in the live session include many gorgeous Bank of Canada and Dominion of Canada pieces, along with some other special notes from various Chartered Banks. Once again the Imperial Bank of Persia material offered is strong with two exquisite issued notes of Pick 17 100 Tomans, one with an overprint stamped Isfahan and one stamped Teheran. There are also high grade specimens of both early issue 100 Tomans, Pick 8s, and 17s. The Philippines section is significant and features a dazzling Pick 190, a 100,000 Piso Centennial Note and two 500 Pesos pieces, Pick 33c, and Pick 67. One of the most exciting items offered in this sale is a complete set of Color Trial Specimens in Gem condition from Qatar and Dubai. This is the first time Stack’s Bowers Galleries has handled this set, and may be its last public auction offering for quite some time.

Solomon Islands. Government of the British Solomon Islands. 1 Pound, 2.1.1926. P-3. PMG Very Fine 25 Net. Restorations, Annotation.

Both the 10 Shillings (Pick 2a) and 1 Pound (Pick 3) notes from the Solomon Islands are being offered as well. These notes show terrific detail, and are extremely difficult to obtain in any condition. Similar to the 2016 Stack’s Bowers Galleries ANA sale, there is a strong offering of Brazilian and other Latin American notes, such as a grouping of very rare Paraguayan Proofs.

The World Paper Money Internet Only Session F will be held on Tuesday, August 8 and will start at 2:00 PM PT.

Lot viewing will be available before the sale by appointment at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Santa Ana office and in the firm’s New York office. There will be additional lot viewing at the auction venue in Denver.

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