Stack’s Bowers Galleries and Ponterio, CN-Hong Kong

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02-04-2017 – 04-04-2017

Auction of Chinese and Asian coins and currency

The Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio April Hong Kong Showcase Auction

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio announces details of their upcoming Hong Kong Auction of Chinese and Asian coins and currency, to be held Monday April 3 through Wednesday April 5 at The Mira Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio is the leading auctioneer of rare coins and banknotes in Southeast Asia, and their April auction is packed with exceptional rarities and highly desirable numismatic collectibles.

Session B will commence at 11:00 AM Hong Kong time on Tuesday, April 4, beginning with the Hong Kong Coin offerings. With over 100 lots there’s sure to be a coin for every collector. Some nice vintage material is present, but the heft of this session lies in the modern issues. There is an especially strong run of gold Lunar Series issues that presents a lovely variant to the collector of modern coinage of mainland China. Capping the end of the session is an interesting gold bar that is sure to be a delight.

Lot 72038: China. Pattern Dollar, ND (1910). Tientsin Mint. PCGS MS-65 Secure Holder. Estimate: 30,000-40,000 USD.

The next session features Vintage Chinese Coins and begins on Tuesday April 4 at 1:00 PM Hong Kong time. This genre enjoys evergreen popularity and for good reason as it offers some of the most iconic designs in world numismatics. The session kicks off with nearly 30 lots of Ancient Chinese and Sycee pieces. The most notable of these is lot 72010, an impressive Sinkiang 50 Tael Ingot, which is certain to attract a lot of attention from bidders. The Empire General Issues explodes out of the gate with the second coin of the section (lot 72029) a fantastic Gem 1908 Dollar (L&M-11). Lot 72038, an incredible Gem 1910 Pattern Dollar (L&M-24), features a fearsome serpentine eastern dragon facing and roaring in fury. Two “Reversed Dragon” Pattern Dollars (lots 72041 and 72042) offer a seldom seen opportunity for two lucky collectors to elevate their collections to prestigious levels. 

Lot 72048: China. Pattern 50 Cents (1/2 Dollar), Year 3 (1911). PCGS SP-62+ Secure Holder. Estimate: 75,000-90,000 USD.

The real show-stopper for the Empire issues is lot 72048, a magnificent 1911 Pattern 50 Cent piece (L&M-39) that showcases a lovely representation of the iconic Chinese dragon. 

The Republic General Issues are well represented with over 60 lots in this sale. These include many of the popular types representing the personages of the era: Sun Yat-sen, Li Yuan Hung, Yuan Shih-kai, Hsu Shih Chang and Tsao Kun. One of the many highlights is lot 72054, the finest certified Li Yuan Hung “Missing Crossbar” Dollar. Lot 72072, a 1914 Yuan Shih-kai 50 Cents, is certified at an astronomical PCGS MS-66+, the finest grade for its type. A gorgeous Dragon and Peacock Dollar (lot 72091) with vibrant toning is sure to entice sophisticated collectors. Near the end of the Republican coinage, there are two chances to secure a Tsao Kun in Military Uniform Dollar (lots 72109 and 72110). These gorgeous pieces are sure to bring pride to the new collectors who acquire them. 

Lot 72133: China. Fengtien. Pattern 7 Mace 2 Candareens (Dollar) Struck in Brass, ND (1897). PCGS SP-62 Secure Holder. Estimate: 35,000-50,000 USD.

The ever-popular and prolific Provincial Issues are offered next, with over 150 lots. This vast area of Chinese numismatics is well represented with coinage from Anhwei, Chekiang, Chihli, Fengtien, Fukien, Hunan, Hupeh, Kansu, Kiangnan, Kiau Chau, Kirin, Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Kweichow, Manchurian Provinces, Sinkiang, Szechuan, Taiwan, Tibet and Yunnan. The first provincial coin offered is a highly desirable “ASTC” Dollar from Anhwei (lot 72114). A gem Mint State Chekiang 1899 20 Cents piece (lot 72115) immediately follows and is a condition rarity that is destined for an advanced collection. An extremely rare “Teng-Tien” Brass Pattern Dollar with an interesting history is presented in lot 72133 (see the online or printed catalog for further information). A very rare Fukien 1927 20 Cents Commemorative will be found in lot 72141 and is a nice problem free example. Immediately following is an amazing Pattern 10 Cash Mule issue (lot 72142), potentially unique, featuring the dragon side of a Fukien issue and the Chinese inscription side of a Hunan pattern. It was likely produced by the Otto Beh Company in Germany, similar to the previously mentioned “Teng-Tien” issue. A rare Large Characters Hupeh Tael in lot 72150 has a provenance to the Wa She Wong Collection. Also of note is an exceptional quality Auto Dollar of Kweichow (lot 72208), a perennially popular type.

The Kweichow 1949 Bamboo Dollars are rare, attractive and highly sought after. Two of these impressive coins will be found in lots 72211 and 72212. If your desire is a Round Window Bamboo Dollar this sale offers an extra chance to secure one for your collection. The province of Szechuan provides lot 72229, a 1912 20 Cent in Mint State-62 that stands out as a condition rarity. A coin of the utmost historical and numismatic importance, a T’ai Ping Rebellion ¼ Tael in Silver, is featured as lot 72235; the full lot description tells the rich history of this piece. Just three lots later (number 72238) is another impressive coin with a storied past, a Taiwan Ju-I Military Ration “Lotus” Dollar. 

The next few sections cover Fantasy Coinage, Chinese Medals, Tokens and Orders and Decorations. Though each of these groups is not particularly large they each feature a standout piece. A large gold fantasy 25 Taels (lot 72275) begs to be viewed in hand to appreciate its majesty. An interesting variant of the classic medal depicting Li Hung Chang’s diplomatic visit to Hamburg is featured as lot 72283, and is sure to delight advanced collectors. A gorgeous and extremely rare Order of the Double Dragon, Type I, First Class, Third Grade is offered in lot 72292, and features a badge star that varies from the standard pattern, sporting a square design similar to the badge. This lot warrants further examination and a thorough description can be found in the online and printed catalogs. 

The Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Hong Kong Showcase Auction continues on Wednesday, April 5th at 10 AM Hong Kong time with Session D, Foreign Coins. The opening portion of this session features many diverse areas: Annam, Australia, British North Borneo, Cambodia, France, French Indo-China, Great Britain and India. A nice run of Indonesian pieces can be found, as well as an interesting ingot from central Java (lot 73024). The next major section is Japanese coinage, featuring 18 lots from ancient gold ring money and Kobans to more modern material. The Korean offering is notable for its orders and decorations, including an “Order of the Plum Blossoms” which is sure to draw advanced collectors and spirited bids. The next substantial grouping offers a wonderful array of desirable Macau coinage. Many other countries are represented within this session as well, including numerous British Colonial pieces that are Ex: King’s Norton Mint Collection. A strong showing of lots from Southeast Asia will surely appeal to an array of bidders, with Malaya and British Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak and a significant grouping of Singapore issues. Thailand provides two showstoppers, the first being lot 73145, a handsome example of the Rama IV’s 60th Birthday Commemorative. Lot 73147 is an exquisite Baht Essai from 1908, certified as Specimen-63 and combining rarity and beauty.

Lot 74350: China. 500 Yuan, 1993. PCGS PROOF-68 DEEP CAMEO Secure Holder. Estimate: 55,000-70,000 USD.

The next auction session is tremendous, most notably for the incredible size and desirability of its highlight pieces. Session E begins promptly at 1:00 PM Hong Kong time, Wednesday, April 5th and features Modern Chinese Coins. With nearly 375 lots, this session is the largest in this auction, has an estimated value of $1.25 million, and is sure to include something for all collectors. The always popular Panda Series kicks off the session. Just eleven lots in (#74011) is a 12-ounce gold 1,000 Yuan coin minted in 1984 from an issuance of just 250 pieces. Another exceptional 12-ounce 1,000 Yuan gold panda is lot 74026, still double sealed in original mint plastic. Lot 74082 offers another 12-ounce gold 1,000 Yuan panda from a mintage of just 99 pieces and is certain to draw considerable bidding. A superb gem 500 Yuan Bimetallic issue from 1995 is lot 74097 and is a scarcely seen item at auction; expect a battle for this exceptional coin. Just four lots later are found two examples of the key date 1995 50 Yuan Panda coins as lots 74101 and 74102. A Kilogram 10,000 Yuan 2002 Panda issue is lot 74128; with its mintage of a measly 68 pieces it is unlikely you will see one at auction for years to come. The Lunar Series section is strong as well, and starts off with three Superb Gem Year of the Rat gold 150 Yuan issues as lots 74191-93. Superb Gem Year of the Horse issues, a 1,000 Yuan and a 500 Yuan, are found in lots 74223 and 74224. Just four lots later a jaw-dropping Lunar Completion silver 200 Yuan Kilo from a mintage of just 300 pieces should attract a lot of attention from onlookers. A plethora of Modern Chinese coinage series are represented as well: Unicorns, the Year of the Child (with many examples of the multiple denominations and varieties), Peacock and the Inventions and Discoveries. Two four-piece gold “Bronze Age Archaeological Finds” Sets are to cross the block, offering multiple opportunities for acquisition. The single most significant piece in this session is lot 74350, a 500 Yuan 5 ounce gold issued in 1993 to commemorate the Centenary of Chairman Mao’s birth. This substantial issue features a commanding visage of Mao, and has a tiny mintage of only 100 pieces. Lot 74359 presents a complete set of three 500 Yuan Return of Hong Kong to China, a rare opportunity to acquire these scarce issues, all with the serial number of issue (#009). More sets commemorating the Return of Hong Kong to China follow and should result in a flurry of bids. This massive Modern Chinese Coins Session is a delight, so be sure to view and bid in advance.

The Paper Money session (Session A) of the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Hong Kong Showcase auction will have its own printed catalog, and will begin on Monday, April 3 at 1:00 PM Hong Kong time. Some highlights are an extensive collection of PRC notes including both Pick 858Aa, and Pick 858a 10,000 Yuan notes from 1951. Also offered in this collection is Pick 857Ba, the 5,000 Yuan from 1951 in immaculate extra fine condition. Another prestigious collection is the Alexander Boris Lissanevitch Tibetan Banknote Collection. Regarded by many as the ultimate Tibetan collector, this gentleman’s collection offers an exceptional assortment of rare notes, and notes with rare seals, blocks, errors and color varieties. This collection even offers a few extremely rare bundles with the original string tying the notes at their right side. Other paper money highlights include Pick 13, a 100 Dollar note from the Straits Settlements, Pick 2s, a 1953 5 Dollar Specimen from Malaya and British Borneo, and four separate 1901-02 Chinese Specimen and Specimen Proofs from the Banque De L’Indo-Chine.

The Internet only sessions will take place on Friday, April 7 at 10 AM Hong Kong time (7:00 PM PST Thursday, April 6) and offer highly desirable coins, medals and banknotes with very attractive opening bids that are certain to attract intense bidder activity. The Chinese and Foreign coin session will begin at 10 AM HKT while the Paper Money portion will begin at 1 PM HKT.

Lot viewing will be available at the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Santa Ana office before the sale, as well as in Hong Kong immediately prior to the sale itself.
Check the company’s website for specific dates and times.

When you are ready to sell, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is your source for auction. The firm offers professional handling of your collection, with a proven track record of accomplished sales. Currently, they are accepting consignments for the August 2017 ANA auction and the August 2017 Hong Kong sale. Contact a consignment specialist at 949-253-0916 or via email or stop by and visit the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio table located near the entrance at the Hong Kong Coin Show, which runs from Friday April 7 to Sunday April 9.

Please view the auction catalogues here.