Stack Bowers and Ponterio, USA-New York

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16-06-2011 – 17-06-2011

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Official Baltimore World 2011

U.S. and World Sales Total More than USD 10 Million.

July 14, 2011 – U.S. and World Sales Total More than USD 10 Million. Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio, the world and ancients auction division of Stack’s Bowers Galleries, realized USD 2,006,348 as part of the Official Auction of the June 2011 Whitman Coin and Collectibles Baltimore Expo, conducted June 17-18. Stack’s Bowers Galleries realized a strong USD 10,186,912 across eight U.S. and world sessions, continuing its reign as the only official auctioneer of the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Baltimore Expo. The entire sale contained an impressive 7,116 lots, including over 2,000 lots of world and ancient coins and paper money.

Session A led off with a modestly sized yet high quality offering of ancient coins and over 650 lots of Mexican silver and gold coinage, which saw impressive results. World gold finished out this session with strong prices all around, and included a run of Peruvian gold 8 escudos that saw fierce competition. World crowns and minors and world orders and decorations comprised Session B, with notable highlights among the Chinese silver coins and eastern European militaria. The third and final session of the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio sale featured over 500 lots of world paper money and highlighted important rarities from Mauritius, Palestine, and Ukraine.

Foreign coin and banknote highlights of the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio June 2011 Baltimore Auction include:

* Lot 6019, Lysimachos, AV Stater, Uncertain Mint, 305-281 B.C., Choice AU (NGC), realized USD 7,670
* Lot 6726, Mexico, 8 Escudos, 1715-J, Fr-6; KM-57.2; Cal-Type-24#109, Extremely Fine, realized USD 12,980
* Lot 6767, Afghanistan, 2½ Amani, SH 1306/9 (1927), Fr-33; KM-914, AU-58 (NGC), realized USD 11,210
* Lot 6798, Belgium, 20 Francs, 1835, Fr-404, KM-A23.3, Delm-1263, MS-63 (NGC), realized USD 6,490
* Lot 6859, Czechoslovakia, 10 Dukatu, 1929, Fr-4, KM-14, Brilliant Uncirculated, realized USD 6,490
* Lot 7063, Peru, 8 Escudos, (1)712-M, Fr-7, KM-38.2, Cal-Type-5#23, Extremely Fine, realized USD 12,980
* Lot 7065, Peru, 4 Escudos, (1)712-M, Fr-8, KM-37, Cal-Type-40#215, Extremely Fine, realized USD 11,210
* Lot 7066, Peru, 8 Escudos, (1)750-R, Fr-12, KM-47, Cal-Type-5#17, Extremely Fine, realized USD 8,260
* Lot 7081, Russia, 5 Rubles, 1782-CNB, Fr-130B, C-78b, Bit-74, MS-62 (NGC), realized USD 20,650
* Lot 7088, Russia, 3 Rubles, 1884-CNB-AT, Fr-166, Y-26, Bit-13, MS-64 (NGC), realized USD 14,160
* Lot 8041, Bolivia, 8 Reales, ND (1574-79), Assayer L/B, KM-5.1, Cal-966, Pao-54, AU-55 (NGC), realized USD 5,015
* Lot 8153, China, Dollar, Year 21 (1932), L&M-108, K-622, Y-344, Hsu-95, MS-64 (NGC), realized USD 17,700
* Lot 8154, China, Dollar, Year 21 (1932), L&M-108, K-622, Y-344, Hsu-95, MS-64 (NGC), realized USD 15,340
* Lot 8176, China, Pattern Dollar Struck in Silver, ND (1914), L&M-858, K-642, Y-322, Hsu-14, MS-64 (PCGS), realized USD 20,060
* Lot 8177, China, Dollar, ND (1921), L&M-957, K-676a, XF-40 (NGC), realized USD 8,260
* Lot 8208, Essequebo & Demarary, 3 Guilder, 1809, KM-8, MS-62 (NGC), realized USD 5,605
* Lot 8354, Guatemala, 8 Reales, 1847-A, KM-4, MS-65 (NGC), finest graded by NGC, realized USD 14,160
* Lot 8605, Ukraine, Very Advanced Collection of Military Awards, realized USD 44,250
* Lot 11049, Central African Republic, Empire Centrafricain, 1,000 Francs, 1.4.1978, P-6, Choice Uncirculated EPQ-64 (PMG), realized USD 5,192
* Lot 11310, Mauritius, Government of Mauritius, 25 Rupees, ND (1954), P-29, Very Fine-30 EPQ (PMG), realized USD 5,605
* Lot 11382, Palestine, Palestine Currency Board, 10 Pounds 30.9.1929, P-9b, Choice Fine-15 (PMG), realized USD 4,720
* Lot 11506, Ukraine, Amazing Assortment of Paper Money, realized USD 12,980

For a complete list of prices realized in the Stack’s Bowers Galleries June 2011 Baltimore Auction, visit the firm’s website.