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13-10-2013 – 17-10-2013

Sincona Collection II and auctions 13-15

Russian Déjà-vu

by Lutz Neumann

Observers of the past year’s auction of the Sincona Collection Part I probably asked themselves, whether a repetition of the million price received for a single coin could be repeated.

Well a price in the million bracket was reached twice in the second part of this collection on October 14 and 15. Lot 533, a pattern polupoltinnik (1/4 ruble) from 1827 realized CHF 2,050,000 at an estimate of CHF 80,000. Lot 429, a polupoltinnik from 1808 fetched CHF 1,000,000. One felt as if one was reset into the first Sincona Collection auction.

These results are witness to the enormous buyer’s potential of Russian collectors and the uniqueness of this important collection.
But many other lots were knocked down to gigantic prices. Five and six numeral results were no rarity. The writer was especially impressed by the high prices that were paid for minor coins in best quality.

Lot 967.

Compare lot 967, a 15 kopeck 1898 in proof – sold for CHF 2600 at an estimate of CHF 250. Lot 903, a 1/4 kopeck 1881 in BU reached CHF 3800, estimated at CHF 150. Lot 398 a polushka (1/4 kopeck) of 1799, from the Tolstoy Collection and very rare, climbed to CHF 32,000 having been estimated at CHF 500.
The interested reader should order the list of prices realized or download it in the internet in order to get a complete overview of this auction. Totally, the Sincona Collection II realized CHF 10,911,000 at an estimate just below 1 Million Swiss Francs.
Following the Sincona Collection came a group of Russian coins and medals from other consignors. These brought CHF 1,862,000 at an estimate of slightly below CHF 800,000.

Lot 1531.

Noteworthy is the result of lot 1531, a pattern-ruble 1723 in copper. It fetched CHF 380,000, having been estimated at CHF 100,000.

The general auction (catalogue 13) brought a result of slightly over 1 Million CHF at a total estimate of CHF 873,000.

Lot 2802.

A highlight of this catalogue was lot 2802, a 12 ducat n. d. (18th cent.) of Fribourg, commemorating the Battle of Murten. This unique piece sold for CHF 75,000 at an estimate of CHF 50,000.

Catalogue 14 was the “Top of Switzerland Collection”, comprising only 88 numbers. These were coins of the highest quality and preservation. At a relatively high estimate of CHF 921,000, the collection realised a total of CHF 1,057,000.

Lot 3560.

The highest result was fetched by a pattern Vreneli of 1897 (Stirnlockenvreneli) that was sold for CHF 130,000 at an estimate of CHF 110,000.

Auction 15 was a comprehensive collection of bank notes. These realized CHF 488,000 with an estimate of CHF 273,000. Especially the German banknotes brought high prices.

Lot 4100.

Lot 4100, a 100 taler note of the Danziger Privat-Actien Bank, issued in 1873, was knocked down after a long bidding duel between a floor bidder and a telephone bidder for CHF 30,000. The estimate was CHF 2,500. Noticeable was the demand for South American notes. All were sold for much higher prices than the estimates.

The Collection Emil Zuberbühler was sold at the end of the week. This was a large collection of Swiss coins and medals dating from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, with many minor denominations, that were partially sold in groups. The result of CHF 1,090,000 was almost double the estimate of CHF 606,000 and must have pleased the owner, who followed the auction attentively in the room. Especially attractive minors brought astonishing prices.

Lot 5884.

Lot 5884, an örtli from canton Schwyz reached CHF 20,000 being estimated at CHF 3,500. Lot 6472, a pattern kreuzer 1842 of Zürich, struck in Stuttgart, found a new owner at CHF 6,500 (estimate CHF 2,500). The high prices being paid for minor coins led a Swiss numismatist to exclaim “These are already Russian prices!”.

In total the Sincona auctions realised CHF 16,412,000 at an estimate of CHF 4,423,000.

In 2014 the third part of the great Russian collection will be sold. Will there also be 7figure prices then? In any case the series of the October auction was a brilliant result for the auctioneer.

You can find all result lists and the complete catalogues on the website of Sincona AG.