Sincona AG, CH-Zurich

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15-05-2017 – 17-05-2017

Auctions 37-40

Important Collection of Swiss Shooting Medals at Sincona

Sincona AG in Zurich will hold its spring auction from May 16 to 18, 2017 ranging from ancient to world coins. A focus will be placed on Swiss material like a collection of Swiss shooting medals.

Sincona AG in Zurich will hold its spring auction from May 16 to 18, 2017. Three full auction days containing a multitude of interesting collections and individual objects. All informations can be found by the interested collector on the homepages of Sincona AG in Zurich or in the attractive catalogues, as always in hard cover, so that they may be fully appreciated on the library shelves.

Lot 183: Solidus of the Revolt of the Heraclii. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. 10,000 CHF.

Auction 37 (Tuesday-Morning, May 16, 2017)

The Placidia Collection / Coins of the Eastern Roman and Byzantine Empire
The collection was compiled in the course of 50 years and gives an overview of the monetary history of the Eastern Roman and Byzantine Empire. The beginning is with the mintage of the Emperor Arcadius in the year 384 and ends in the 15th century A.D. This represents 1000 years of monetary history. Included are many gold issues, as well as silver and bronze coins. The collection contains common coins, as well as rarities and unpublished pieces. In all, the catalogue amounts to over 550 lots. Included is a highly interesting collection of Byzantine seals and weights as a single lot.

Lot 318: Solidus of Artavasdus. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. 30,000 CHF.

Especially noteworthy are lots 35 (Solidus of Pulcheria); 183 (Solidus of the Revolt of the Heraclii); 306 (Solidus of Theodosius III.); 318 (Solidus of Artavasdus) und 385 (Solidus of Alexander). As well as many further remarkable lots.

Lot 1150: Germany. Brandenburg, Prussia. Johann Sigismund, 1608-1619. Dukat 1614. Of the highest rarity. Very fine. 15,000 CHF.

Auction 38 (Tuesday-Afternoon, May 16, 2017)

Gold coins and medals / Sincona Gold-Auction
Gold coins from throughout the world, from the first goldgulden mintage into today’s time. Magnificent multiple ducats with splendid depictions, extremely rare ducats or mintage of the modern age from A as Albania to Z as in Cyprus – everything is included, totalling 1250 lots.
The German gold coins and medals are of importance – please note especially the lots 1131, 1144, 1150, 1156, 1168, 2270, 1177, 1195 and 1223.

Lot 1492: Italy. Vittorio Emanuele II. 1859-1878. 100 Lire 1878 R. NGC MS 64. 90,000 CHF.

Of further high interest, we recommend looking at lots 1374, 1375, 1492, 1686, 1771, 1776, 1795, 1867, 1924, 2014, 2028, and 2052.
At the end of the catalogue a new chapter of auction history will be continued with the Sincona Gold Auction that was successfully begun last October. This auction platform for private clients and dealers that wish to invest in gold surprised the market in a very positive way.

Lot 3123: Germany. Nurnberg. Gold medal 1593. Extremely fine. 20,000 CHF.

Auction 39 (Wednesday, May 17, 2017)

Coins and Medals from throughout the World / Swiss Coins and Medals
Catalogue 39 with ca. 1800 lots is composed of very differing parts. As one is accustomed from Sincona AG, coins and medals from many different countries are offered for auction. In between the interested reader will find special sections that have been collected with loving care by different collectors and now await new owners.
After the first hundred numbers comes the first special section – a collection of coins and medals of Nuremberg from old private ownership. This interesting collection was completed before WW II. Of special interest are lots 3109. 3123, 3136, 3142, 3194 and 3212.

Lot 3407: Germany. Louis III. 1913-1918 3 Mark 1918 D. About uncirculated. 25,000 CHF.

We remain in Germany and come a bit later to the German Empire coins in gold and silver with unusual high qualities. The gold pieces that are noteworthy will be found under lots 3344, 3348, 3455, 3463, 3481 3518, 3536 and in silver 3407, 3493, 3525, 3556. For the aviation collector lot 3608 will be of interest (Zeppelin). 140 pieces await a buyer.
The section Holy Roman Empire /Austria is a collection formed in the old traditional way. The collector wanted to form a large documentation of the mintage and quality was often a secondary aspect. Thus one finds many coins of interest at payable prices. Some examples: lots 3827, 3834, 3927, 3989.
Other interesting lots in this catalogue are 3079, 3083, 3313, 3699, 3705. 4287.

Lot 4893: Switzerland. Confederation. 20 Franken 1897 B. Cabinet piece. Brilliant uncirculated. 75,000 CHF.

Swiss Coins and Medals
We come to the Swiss section. Here we find rarities from diverse cantons – double talers from Basel, splendid gold coins of Bern and a Zurich guldiner of 1526, the so-called chalice taler. Naturall rarities from the federal coinage are also at hand – the extremely rare 20 francs 1887 Helvetia that was minted in only 176 specimens. Also, the “fore-lock Vreneli”- the pattern of 1897. The engraver had to remove the lock from the forehead of “Vreneli” before minting because a Bernese magistrate felt that the representation of Switzerland looked too frivolous. Only 12 specimens were minted. Look at lots 4509, 4539, 4548, 4554, 4572, 4723, 4773, 4845, 4853, 4893.
Are there priceworthy lots available’ Of course there are – for all budgets in this catalogue of a thousand numbers.

Auction 40 (Thursday, May 18 2017)

The Wilhelm Tell Collection / Swiss Shooting Medals and Memorabilia
Switzerland, a people of marksmen! Even though today’s Switzerland is brought into mind with banks, pharmacy, tourism and chocolate, the tradition of marksmanship and shooting is intact and thousands of sportsmen and –women partake in this sport.

Lot 5778: Switzerland. 5 franc. About uncirculated. Magnificent condition. 100,000 CHF.

The first shooting festivals took place in the 14th century and from 1829 on special shooting medals and cups were produced for the best marksmen. Naturally, many participants also purchased medals and trophies as souvenirs at these events. One can speak of great fortune that in the following decades and century these items were not melted for cash, as they represented a good amount of money, being mainly of silver or gold. Thus the “survivors” are often of great rarity.
Many of the oldest medals are engraved by hand. They are thusly unique items. One must be aware that such a collection with a view for quality and rarity, brought together in over 50 years, will be reference book for the future.

Lot 8028: Switzerland. Extremely rare. Used. In original box. 2,500 CHF.

The same can be said for the cups, watches and other memorabilia. The extremely handsome silver work shows the artistry of the silversmiths who produced these items.
In all 2600 lots have been compiled in this catalogue. Of high interest are medal lots 5097, 5429, 5692, 5778 and 6405; cups 7020 and 7482 and watches 8001 and 8028.

All auction catalogues may be viewed on the internet.

Further information may be obtained on the site of Sincona.