Sincona AG, CH-Zurich

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13-10-2013 – 17-10-2013

Auctions 12-16

The Sincona autumn auctions 2013

Sincona AG in Zurich will conduct a 5 day auction from October 14-18, 2013. 4,841 positions (including many lots) will be auctioned in 5 catalogues. The spectrum of the sale encompasses all areas of numismatics excepting ancient coinage.

Auction 12 will form an exciting auction begin because it is the second part of the ‘Sincona Collection’ of Russian silver and copper coins. The custodian of the Numismatic Department of the State Historical Museum in Moscow, I. V. Shiryakov, declared last year ‘that this is the most important collection of Russian coins to come on to the market since the sale of the Count Tolstoy Collection in 1913’.

The first part of this collection fetched unbelievable individual prices, even in the seven figure bracket. Part 2 contains 1143 positions (including 176 lots) from the beginning of modern coinage under Peter I to the end of the Russian Empire. The main emphasis is on the 19th/20th century. Once again wonderful qualities, proofs, unique items, great rarities, Russo-Polish issues, patterns and of course wholly ‘normal’ coins at moderate estimates will be offered. However, one may anticipate great price increases. Last year the Russian clientele fought tooth and nail for the coins.

Some interesting lots are:


406. Alexander I. Pattern-Rouble 1801. Bitkin H646. Prooflike. CHF 40,000

As an accomanying piece: 407. Alexander I. Pattern-Rouble n. d. Bitkin H644. Almost UNC. CHF 40,000



423. Alexander I. Pattern-Roublel 180(-). Military bust. Bitkin 666. Prooflike. CHF 50,000


941. Alexander III. Rouble 1894. Bitkin 68. Unique and never before offered at auction. Proof. CHF 100,000

Following comes a group 373 positions of Russian coins and medals from other consignments

Noteworthy are:

1530. Peter I. Novodel Double Rouble 1722. Prooflike. From the Irving Goodman Collection and the UBS Auction ‘Numismatic Objects of Virtue’. CHF 60,000


1588. Catherine II. 10 Roubel 1762. Uncirculated. CHF 80,000

In this group is are also 11 Jefimki and diverse coins and medals in all price classes.

Auction 13 is the general catalogue with 1092 positions. It contains large series from Germany, France, Greece, Switzerland and coins and medals from throughout the world. Of special interest are:

2098. Isny. Taler 1554. Very rare. Very fine. 12,500


2778. Basel. 6 Ducats 1741. Splendid specimen. CHF 30,000.


2802. Fribourg. 12 Ducats n. d. Commemorating the Battle of Murten. Up to now unknown and unique. Extremely fine. CHF 50,000


2876. Zurich. 6 Ducats 1739. Extremely fine. CHF 45,000

Auction 14 is titled: Top of Switzerland. ‘The Reference Collection of Swiss Federal Coins and Patterns’.
This is a very special collection. The collector attempted to collect only the absolutely best qualities of Swiss federal coins. And he was in the greater part successsful. One will find here the finest and best qualities that have appeared on the market in the last 20 years. These coins are so spectacular that Sincona AG has created a new quality grade: Top of Switzerland. The best of all quality of the specific Swiss federal coin.
There are only 86 coins in this collection but these are mainly the absolutely best specimens in existence. Well worth mentioning in this special quality are following positions:


3505. 2 Francs 1857. CHF 30,000


3515. 5 Francs 1896. CHF 100,000

3516. 2 Francs 1896. CHF 40,000


3564. 10 Francs 1910. Smooth edge. CHF 45,000

Auction 15 is a collection of bank notes and securities with 656 positions.
The geographical spread is enormous. Naturally all major countries are represented, but totally obscure emittors such as Djibouti or St. Pierre et Miquelon are included. The prices are very moderately estimated and should prove to be a pleasure for collectors of paper money. Following positions should be given attention:

4107. Mecklenburgische Rentei Casse Schein. 25 Taler 1860. CHF 2,500

4124. Djibuti. Banque d’Indochine. 1000 Francs (1938). CHF 2,000


4233. Ireland. Central Bank of Ireland. Specimen at 20 Pounds 1906. CHF 7,500


4283. Canada. Specimen 50,000 Dollars. 1924. CHF 7,500


4432. Glarner Kantonalbank. 50 Franken 1901. CHF 10,000

Auction 16 is the close of the series of catalogues. A collection of Swiss cantonal coins with the Helvetian Republic. There are 1,491 positions in this collections. The collection is mainly in the medium price range, but does contain many interesting and rare items. Following lots are worth noting:


5046. Appenzell Innerrhoden. 9 Batzen 1738. Very rare. Very fine. CHF 4,000


5937. Solothurn. Taler 1563. Almost extremely fine. CHF 8,000

6027. Uri-Schwyz-Unterwalden. Probe 1/2 Soldo 1788 for Bellenz (south oft he Gotthard). Very rare. CHF 3,500


6234. Zug. 10 Schilling 1602. Almost Uncirculated. CHF 6,000

This auction contains something for every Swiss collector.

Catalogues may be ordered from SINCONA AG, Pelikanstrasse 11, 8001. Tel. +41 44 215 10 90. For forther information please visit the Sincona website.

If you wish to bid online you can find all the auction catalogues at Sixbid:

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