Sincona AG, CH-Zürich

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11-10-2015 – 13-10-2015

Auction 24-26

The SINCONA Auction Week – Observations

During Auction 24 (The Sincona Collection – Part 4), that took place from October 12-14, Jürg Richter, auctioneer and owner of SINCONA AG was torn between joy and sadness. Joy, because the 4th and last part of this truly unique collection of Russian silver and copper coins realized a total hammer price of CHF 8‘601’540.00 and sadness, because the sale of this fantastic collection now found its end.

Lot 385: Pattern-Efimok 1798, St. Petersburg Mint. Bitkin 217 (R4). Severin 2437 (RRRR excessively rare). GM 2.5 (very rare). The most legendary provenance. Excessively rare and one of the most desirable coin! Choice brilliant uncirculated and most attractive. Estimate: CHF 120’000. Result: CHF 1’500’000.

As in the earlier parts of this collection, single lots were knocked down for more than 1 million Swiss Francs. The cover coin (lot 385) – a pattern-efimok 1798 – attained a price of CHF 1’500’000.- at an estimate of CHF 120’000.-.

Lot 610: “Family Rouble”. 1½ Roubles – 10 Zlotych 1835, St. Petersburg Mint. Bitkin 885 (R3). Mintage 36 pieces only. Of highest rarity. 150 roubles according to Iljin. 100 roubles acc. to Petrov. A Classic Russian numismatic’s rarity. Eminent provenance. Cabinet piece. Choice brilliant uncirculated proof with most attractive patina. Estimate: CHF 80’000. Result: CHF 1’100’000.

The rarest family rouble of Emperor Nicholas I, minted in 1835 (lot 610) fetched CHF 1’100’000 – the highest price ever to be paid for a family rouble. One must note that minor coins in highest quality brought absolute top prices. Coins in highest quality and in proof condition were especially sought. An example: lot 757, 5 kopecks 1851, minted in Warsaw – estimate CHF 100.- went for CHF 17’000.- or lot 430, a small copper polushka 1805, estimated at CHF 75.- was sold for CHF 10’000.-.

Lot 2069. 30 ducats n. d. (c. 1700). Dies by Justin de Beyer (1668-1738). D.T. 737, note (25 ducats). HMZ 2-77b, note. Fr. 31a (this specimen). Unique. Of utmost rarity. Uncirculated. Cabinet piece of the first order in splendid conservation. Estimate: 500’000 CHF. Result: CHF 725’000.

The “Jubilee” Auction 25 contained brilliant rarities. A special catalogue was produced for this event with coin pictures in relief! Here too, SINCONA obtained impressive results. The title piece, lot 2069, a 30 ducat from Basel, the largest Swiss coin, was sold for CHF 725’000.-. Lot 2081, a double doubloon 1813 from Solothurn (only 3 specimens in existence, of which 2 are in museums) brought CHF 220’000.-. 

Lot 2030: Victoria, 1837-1901 5 Pounds 1839. “Una and the Lion”. Seaby 3851. Schl. 148. Fr. 386. Very rare, only 400 specimens minted. Proof. Uncirculated. (NGC PF61 Ultra Cameo). Estimate: 100’000 CHF. Result: 170’000 CHF.

The English 5 Pounds 1839 “Una and the Lion” (lot 2030) realised CHF 170’000.- at an estimate of CHF 100’000.-. The whole auction 25 achieved CHF 3’700’850.-, about 40% above estimate.

Lot 2634: Friedrich Ulrich, 1613-1634 6 Taler 1634. Zellerfeld, Silver from the St. Jakob Mine. Welter 1037. Duve 14 II. Müseler 10.2/55 c. Dav. 61. Of high rarity. Very fine. Planchet fault on reverse and on edge. Estimate: 10’000 CHF. Result: 17’000 CHF.

The general catalogue 26 brought CHF 1’439’180, about 45% over estimate. It contained coins and medals from throughout the world at more moderate prices. But, here too good results were obtained. Lot 2634 a Brunswick 6 Taler Löser 1634, minted from silver out of the St. Jakob Mine changed owners at a price of CHF 17’000.- after an estimate of CHF 10’000.-. 

Lot 3686: Gustav II. Adolph, 1611-1632 Silver medallion in weight of 5 talers 1634. Maué 35. Dav. 275 A (as 5 talers under Erfurt). Very rare. Good extremely fine. Splendid specimen of this medal. Estimate: CHF 7’500. Result: CHF 14’000.

A Swedish medal by Dadler commemorating Gustav Adolphs funeral in 1634 (lot 36869) was auctioned for CHF 15’000.-, at an estimate of CHF 7’500.-.

Lot 5433: Lucerne. Bank in Luzern. 50 Franken of 1. January 1877. Compare Richter/Kunzmann KA135a (There only as formula, no signed specimens known. Pick S386a. With signature of Leodegar Corraggioni. Of highest rarity. Folded several times and 1 needle hole. III. Estimate: 8’000 CHF. Result: 15’000 CHF.

The banknote Auction 26 had a colourful catalogue with notes from throughout the world. The main emphasis was on Swiss and Russian notes. The very rare 50 Franken note from the Aargauische Bank (lot 5414) sold for CHF 6’000.-. The extremely rare 50 Franken note of the Bank in Luzern was knocked down for CHF 15’000.-.

In all, the four catalogues attained a knock down total of CHF 14’540’032 – at an estimate of 5’282’080. That is almost triple the total estimate.

During Auction 24 the sales room was almost completely filled with Russian dealers and collectors. The Rarities Auction 25 also filled the room, this time with bidders from Europe, USA and Asia. Swiss collectors were also in large attendance, to partake in bidding or to observe the development of prices.

For the Spring of 2016 interesting auctions are being already prepared. SINCONA AG will auction a large collection of Coins from Bern and the probably largest collection of coins and medals of Albrecht von Wallenstein.

Looking at the results on SINCONA AG’s website gives the best impression. But be careful, the realized high prices can make one dizzy.