Sincona AG, CH-Zürich

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23-10-2011 – 31-10-2011

Fall auction

Fall auction and speed auction at Sincona AG Zurich

Sincona AG in Zurich conducted its Fall auction from October 24 until November 1 with a remarkable offering of coins and medals. It included two large collections, a general catalogue and a speed auction.

The auction fireworks began with an old collection of Russian and Eastern European coins and medals supplemented with some other consignments. The catalogue estimation – CHF 2,667,515 – was more than doubled and achieved 6,750,865 Mio.

Lot 215 – Dassier 10 Rubels of 1757: CHF 450,000.

The Russian market is still strong and rarities are still being sold expensively. There is not enough room in this report to list all the special results. Exemplary are: Lot 39 – Rubel 1705: CHF 10,000 (2,000); Lot 46 – Rubel 1707: CHF 29,000 (7,000); Lot 58 – Ducat 1712: CHF 96,000 (25,000); Lot 116 – 2 Rubel 1728: CHF 120,000 (25,000); Lot 181 – 2 Ducats 1751: CHF 80,000 (12,000).
The three most expensive items were the Dassier 10 Rubels of 1757 – Lots 215 and 216 – with CHF 450,000 and CHF 280,000, as well as a 10 Rubel 1763 of Catherine II, – Lot 274, that sold for CHF 410,000.

Remarkable were also the prices for small items. A platinum jetton of 1782 from the Michailowitsch Collection climbed from CHF 7,500 to CHF 58,000. Almost unbelievable seemed the result for a small copper coin, a denga 1796, lot 363. Catalogued as extremely rare, but estimated with a very moderate CHF 200, it fetched CHF 62,000! Somewhat similarly was the result for a small silver medal commemorating the visit of the Shah of Persia in the year 1873. From an estimate of CHF 200 it realized CHF 18,000!

Noticeable was also the result for the des 25 Rubel 1876 (Lot 697): CHF 205,000 at an estimate of CH 75,000.

High prices were also achieved fort he Polish coins. Lot 1152 – 10 ducats of Sigismund III – was sold for CHF 195,000 with an estimate of CHF 75,000. The 4 ducats of the conflagration of Thorn was knocked down for CHF 44,000 (15,000). The taler 1649 of Cracow (Lot 1160) fetched CHF 20,000 (7500), the pattern-gulden of 1/3 Taler 1671 (Lot 1173) changed owners at CHF 29,000 (7,000) and the ducat 1702 von Thorn (Lot 1180) at CHF 29,000 (5,000).

Catalogue 3, a wonderful collection of Byzantine gold coins was sold for about 50% over total estimate. This was CHF 800,000 and the total knock-down CHF 1,170,000. Among the special items one should mention: a solidus of Justinus I and Justinianus I (Lot 3044), that went from CHF 5,000 to CHF 10,500. An excellent solidus of both Heraclii (Lot 3201) jumped from CHF 10,000 to CHF 27,000. The imposing portrait piece of Theodosius III (Lot 3417) doubled to CHF 16,000 (7,500). The extremely rare solidus of Artavasdus with Nicephorus (Lot 3439) was sold at the estimation of CHF 50,000. A solidus of Michael III (Lot 3496) fetched CHF 38,000 (10,000).

Lot 3503: solidus of Alexander: CHF 46,000 (30,000).

The eternally sought solidus of Alexander (Lot 3503), one of the great Byzantine rarities went from CHF 30,000 to CHF 46,000.

Catalogue 4 was the general catalogue. After two catalogues full of rarities and extreme results, this catalogue was also impressive. In the small, but attractive, offering of ancient coins, the Multiple of Constantinus I (Lot 4131) must be mentioned. It sold for CHF 125,000, at an estimation of CHF 85,000. The European coins sold for generally very good prices. Important was lot 5274, Emperor Charles VI, 10 ducats 1724, Vienna. It was sold for CHF 112,000 at an estimation of CHF 30,000. The extremely fine 4 ducats of Salzburg 1513 (Lot 5338) sold for CHF 35,000. The estimation was CHF 24,000.

Los 5539 – War-6 Kreuzer of 1758: CHF 52,000 (15,000).

The collection of Zurich gold coins achieved excellent results. Prices often doubled. A ducat of 1716 (Lot 5389) reached CHF 5,400 (2,000). The section of the coins of Chur was awaited with special interest. It contained several rarities, including the title piece (Lot 5539). The 7 ducat piece (Lot 5529) of Peter II. Rascher, jumped from CHF 10,000 to CHF 27,000. The ducat 1664 (Lot 5533) doubled to CHF 15,000. The ducat 1697 (Lot 5534) brought CHF 47,000, a moderate price. After that came the title piece, a small war-6 Kreuzer of 1758, previously only known as a plaster cast in the Swiss National Museum. In an intensive bidding duel between a bidder on the floor and a bidder on the Telephone, this small silver coin climbed to the height of CHF 52,000! The estimate was a not very modest CHF 15,000.

Lot 6089 – dollar of Che-Kiang: CHF 70,000.

Towards the end of the sale excitement came up with a USA 25 Cents of 1820 (Lot 6035). The coin fetched CHF 23,000 at an estimation of CHF 1,500.
The Chinese are the coming force in the numismatic market – so one says. Well, a dollar of Che-Kiang (Lot 6089) brought CHF 70,000. It is better not to mention the estimation. A dollar of Fengtien (Lot 6092) sold for CHF 19,000. The persons who bought the Pandas minted fort the Zurich coin show in 1990 can be happy. These coins now sell for CHF 4,500 (Lots 6107, 6108). In all, this catalogue achieved a total knock-down of CHF 3,291,312 with an estimation of CHF 2,434,335.

And then there was the speed auction during the Zurich Coin Show. “Standing Room Only” was the motto of the afternoon. Extra chairs were brought in and the room was bursting full. I cannot recall any speed auction with such a large public attendance. A full half million was the result and there were practically no unsold lots.

All in all Jürg Richter and his Sincona team can be very happy with the result of these auctions. The grand total knock-down was CHF 11,710,000. It was the strongest auction that he or any of his Sincona team, under Sincona or other names, ever held.
The attentive observer will have noticed that there is a concentration taking place in the numismatic auction business. Old companies have disappeared or have sunk into obscurity. Few new companies have followed. One is interested to see what 2012 will bring in this sector.

Further information on Sincona AG and the results of these auctions you may find here.