Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc.

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02-08-2017 – 01-01-1970

Fixed price offers August

A selection of ancient rare coins offered by Shanna Schmidt Numismatics

Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. offers auction representation and appraisal services. On her website collectors will find a selection of high end Greek, Roman, Byzantine and world coins available for purchase. Below are some coins being offered currently:

A coin from Lucania, Thurium previously part of the Clarence Bement collection and subsequently sold in a 1924 Naville auction in Lucerne, Switzerland. This coin has both an attractive appearance as well as long historical auction record.

Sharply struck drachm from Thasos with ultra-high relief and wonderful imagery. This coin was a 1988 purchase by the Hanbery collection, in which the well-respected dealer Frank Kovacs was instrumental in forming.

Scarce EF Athenian drachm. The drachm denomination is far more difficult to obtain than the ever present tetradrachm. This piece comes from a Peus auction and has a remarkable strike.

Beautiful coin from Sicily during the time of Agathokles. This coin was struck just following a period of amazing artistry by die engravers in Sicily. The elements of this impressive style were maintained despite a dramatic change in government.

A stunning tetradrachm from Messana. This coin comes from the Moretti collection and has impeccable style.

Complete coin of Ahenobarbus. Finding a coin of Ahenobarbus with all the elements visible can be a difficult task.


Mint State coin of Julius Caesar, moving mint.

An impressive sestertius of Claudius with luscious dark patina and high relief.

Michael VII tetarteron from the Garrett and JWG Raymond collection.

To see the coins go to Shanna Schmidt’s website.