Royal Dutch Mint, NL-Utrecht

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30-09-2012 – 01-01-1970

Fixed Price List

The Royal Dutch Mint has issued its first Fixed Price List with high grade Ancient, Dutch and Foreign coins. The winter 2012/2013 catalogue comprises 36 full colour pages. The main focus lies on Greek and Roman, Dutch Provincial and Kingdom, and German 18th and 19th century coins.

Highlights of the catalogue are:

Lot 9. AR Stater Aigina. Ca. 456/45-431 BC. SNG Cop. 516; Dewing 1683. 12.33 g. About EF. Very attractive specimen with some iridescent highlights. EUR 1,500.

A beautiful stater of Aigina with a lovely patina.

Lot 31. AR Denarius Julius Caesar. Rome. Late March-April 44 BC. 3.52 g. Crawford 480/17. About EF. Exceptional portrait. EUR 3,250.

A very nice denarius of Julius Caesar.

Lot 76. Dutch Silver Duit 1658 province of West Frisia. PW 3003.9 (R2); CNM 2.46.92. 6.33 g. VF. Very rare. EUR 700.

And a very rare Dutch Duit dated 1658 struck on a square silver planchet of double weight.

Lot 213. Bavaria, kingdom. Ludwig I (1825-1848). Ducat 1848. Near UNC. Only 1,470 coins struck. EUR 1,750.

The catalogue closes with foreign coins of which high grade German coins represent the largest part. The following gold Ducat struck in 1848 of Ludwig I is definitely worth mentioning.

To see the full catalogue, please contact the Numismatic Department of the Royal Dutch Mint by email or call +31(0)30-2910419 and you’ll receive a free digital or printed catalogue.