Royal Dutch Mint, NL-Utrecht

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28-10-2015 – 01-01-1970

Fourth Fixed Price List

Royal Dutch Mint issues new Fixed Price List

The Royal Dutch Mint issued its fourth Fixed Price List with high grade Ancient, Dutch and Foreign coins and medals. The winter 2015/2016 catalogue comprises 32 full colour pages. The main focus lies on Greek and Roman, Dutch Provincial and Kingdom coins, and Historical Medals. 

Highlights of the catalogue are:

Lot 6: Stater, Lycia. Kherei, dynast. Ca. 440-400 BC. Mørkholm & Zahle II 55 (same die); SNG Cop. Suppl. 452. S. EF. Cabinet piece and beautiful patina. Very rare. 7850,- euros.

A uniquely beautiful stater of Kherei

Lot 19: Denarius. Vespasian (69-79 AD). Ephese. July-December 69 AD. RIC 1401 (R3). VF. Extremely rare and rarely offered on the market. Nice portraits on reverse. 1950,- euros.

A rarely offered denarius of the emperor Vespasian

Lot 40: Utrecht. Early type of golden rider. 1608. Delm. 967 (R3); CNM 2.43.34. EF. Extremely rare. 3500,- euros.

An extremely rare type of a Dutch golden rider 1608, Utrecht

Lot 73: Utrecht. 1 cent. 1818. Sch. 323 (RRR). About UNC. Only a few specimens struck. Extremely rare. 26500,- euros.

An highly rare specimen of a Dutch 1 cent 1818, Utrecht

Lot 107: 5 guilder 1977. One-sided copper pattern of reverse. Utrecht. Cf. Sch. 560 (RRRR). Muntverslag 1986 article A. Scheffers. UNC. Unique example. Of utmost rarity. 35000,- euros.

A unique pattern Dutch 5 guilder reverse. Unregistered until a few years ago

Lot 139: 100th anniversary of the VOC (Dutch East Indian Company). By R. Arondeaux. V.Loon. 304. KPK 1998. About EF. Very Rare. 5000,- euros.

The catalogue closes with Historical Medals and Foreign Coins, among which is the very rare Dutch silver medal from 1702 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the VOC. 

To see the full catalogue, please click here.

Contact the Numismatic Department of the Royal Dutch Mint via email or call +31(0)30-2910419 to receive a free printed catalogue.