Royal Dutch Mint, NL-Utrecht

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22-10-2014 – 01-01-1970

Third Fixed Price List

The Royal Dutch Mint issues its third Fixed Price List with high grade ancient, Dutch and foreign coins and medals. The winter 2014/2015 catalogue comprises 36 full colour pages. The main focus lies on Greek and Roman, Dutch Provincial and Kingdom coins, and historical medals.

Highlights of the catalogue are:

Lot 12: Tetradrachm Mysia, Pergamon. Attalos I (241-197 BC). Ca. 241-235 BC. SCG von Aulock 1359. 17.0 g. Good EF. Rare. 1,950 euros.

  • A beautiful tetradrachm of Attalos I

Lot 18. Bi-metallic medallion. Commodus (177-192 AD). Rome. 187-188 AD. 53.60 g. Vermeule -; Toynbee-; Cf. Gnecchi II, 52 and 53. Good F. Of the highest rarity. 4,975 euros.

  • A unique bi-metallic medallion of the emperor Commodus

Lot 42: Utrecht, Duurstede. Frisian imitation. Tremissis. 7th century. Delm. 17. 1.25 g. Good EF. Rare. 3,500 euros.

  • A rare gold 7th century Merovingian tremissis, Duurstede

Lot 79: Rijksdaalder 1809. Pattern in bronse. Sch. 134b. 26.54 g. About UNC. Extremely Rare. Only a few examples struck. 12,500 euros.

Lot 159. Treaty of Ryswick 1697. In commission of the city of Gouda. Cf. v. Loon III 190var. Silver 74 mm, 113.45 g. About UNC. Extremely Rare. 6,000 euros.

  • The catalogue closes with Historical Medals and Foreign Coins. The very rare Dutch silver medal from 1697 by J. Drappentier on the Treaty of Ryswick is definitely worth mentioning.

To see the full catalogue, please click here.

You may contact the Numismatic Department of the Royal Dutch Mint via email or call +31(0)30-2910419 to receive a free printed catalogue.

The official website of the Royal Dutch mint you may find here.