Royal Dutch Mint, NL-Utrecht

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06-11-2013 – 01-01-1970

2nd Fixed Price List

Royal Dutch Mint issues second Fixed Price List

This week the Royal Dutch Mint issues its second Fixed Price List with high grade Ancient, Dutch and Foreign coins and medals. The winter 2013/2014 catalogue comprises 40 full colour pages. The main focus lies on Greek and Roman, Dutch Provincial and Kingdom coins, and Historical Medals.

Highlights of the catalogue are:

Lot 5. AR Tetradrachm Attica, Athens. Ca. 454-404 BC. SCG Cop. 31. Good EF. 1,750 euros.

  • A high quality tetradrachm of Athens.

Lot 34. AV Solidus Theodosius I. Constantinople. 388-392 AD. RIC 71a. About EF. 1,500 euros.

  • An attractive Solidus of Theodosius I.

Lot 84. Southern Netherlandish, Silver Dukaton struck on double weight 1618, Albert and Isabella, Duchy of Brabant. Delm. 248a (R2). VF. 4,125 euros.

  • A very rare Southern Netherlish Dukaton struck on double weight, Brussels.

The catalogue closes with Historical Medals, Foreign Coins and Banknotes.

Lot 188. Southern Netherlands, Antwerp. Attributed to Jacques Jonghelinck (1530-1606). Ca. 1580. The demolition of the citadel of Antwerp in 1577. EF. Published: H. Jongeling, ‘Het slechten van de vestingwerken van de citadel van Antwerpen. Een aan Jacques Jonghelinck toegeschreven loden plaquette’ in De Beeldenaar 5 (2013) 207-210. 4,250 euros.

  • The following very rare Southern Netherlish lead plaque attributed to Jacques Jonghelinck is definitely worth mentioning. The roundel is part of a series of seven plaques, all refering to the liberation of Antwerp in 1577. The plaque is based on identical engravings of the Wierix brothers, who based their drawings on scetches of the Anwerp painter Maerten de Vos (1532-1603).

To see the full catalogue, please click here or contact the Numismatic Department of the Royal Dutch Mint via email or call +31(0)30-2910419 to receive a free printed catalogue.