Ritter/ Düsseldorf

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28-07-2010 – 01-01-1970

Special list Ritter “Das Geld der Deutschen Kolonien“ (“Money of the German Colonies“)

Special list Ritter “Das Geld der Deutschen Kolonien” (“Money of the German Colonies”)

Birds of paradise, elephants and an identification badge of an Askari, these are the exotic ingredients of the special list of the Coin House Ritter / Düsseldorf that was sent at the end of July. At the focus of interest is the money of the German colonies. A special collection will be liquidated whose former owner had a very good eye for quality. Magnificent grades, also and above all of the copper coins, makes the list a real treat for the eyes.
14 lots from former German New Guinea are on offer. Special mention deserve not only the well known silver coins with the picturesque birds of paradise (1 Mark 1894, A. J. 705. in PR for 1,800 Euros or 2 Mark 1894, A. J. 706. in proof for 1,850 Euros), but also the Pfennige like – as the showpiece – the rare 2 Pfennig 1894, A. J. 702 in proof (1,700 Euros).
German East Africa is present with a total of 122 lots. The connoisseur will find all rarities ranging from the early Pesa with Arabic characters on the obverse to the emergency coins from Tabora. Here, too, beside a big series of Rupees and the accompanying fractions, extraordinarily well preserved attractive bronze coins strike the eye, like a 5 Heller 1908, J. in proof for 1,350 Euros.
A rare highlight is the medal for bravery of the German East Africa Company whose obverse is decorated with the same coat of arms as the many silver Rupees: the lion in front of the palm tree.
The section of German East Africa includes an identification badge, like the ones given to the local soldiers of the German colonial forces, the famous Askari – this one as a rarity with the pass number stamped over.
The one who collects coins from Kiao-Chau can choose between three lots, two 5 Cent pieces, both in proof (1,275 Euros and 1,250 Euros, respectively) and a 10 Cent piece, likewise in proof (1,275 Euros) – all from 1909.
The list is concluded with some pieces from German Dependencies, Gdansk (including 25 Gulden 1930 in about brilliant uncirculated, 2,500 Euros) and Westphalia.
The special list “Das Geld der Deutschen Kolonien“ can be ordered from Münzenhandlung Ritter, Immermannstrasse 19, D-40210 Düsseldorf by phone +49 (0)211-367800 or per email info@muenzen-ritter.de. Of course it can be viewed on the internet as well, at http://www.muenzen-ritter.de/ If you want to download the list as pdf see http://www.muenzen-ritter.de/ebook/tresor_2010-08_doa.pdf

Ord. no. 45535 – 2 New Guinea Pfennig 1894, A. Cu. J. 702. Fine specimen, beautiful patina, PR 1,700.- Euros.

Ord. no. 45670 – 15 Rupees 1916, Tabora. J. 728a. Very fine. 2,700.- Euros.

Ord. no. 45469 – 5 Heller 1908, J. J. 717. PR. 1,350.- Euros.

Ord. no. 45528 – Pewter medal 1889 from Weigand. Medal for Bravery of the German East Africa Company. Coat of arms / FÜR PFLICHTTREUE UND TAPFERKEIT 49.5 mm. 55.07 g. Very rare. Brilliant uncirculated / About brilliant uncirculated. 2,500.- Euros.

Ord. no. 45543 – Identification badge. Very fine. 600.- Euros.