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13-11-2017 – 01-01-1970

Rapp Auction 2017

Coins at Rapp – a Special Kind of Numismatic Event

Anyone who has ever been to a Rapp auction invariably raves about the splendid pieces and collections they were able to acquire there, and also about the milieu, which is so utterly exceptional. Rapp offers a unique service: from the limousine which collects customers from the train station or airport, to our Auction Café and convivial champagne receptions which take care of our customers’ culinary well-being, to the cosy alpine chalet where bidders and consignors can relax as the auction day draws to a close.

The Rapp Concept: A Resounding Success

Rapp’s innovative approach to auctions has breathed new life into the market. Since then, other companies have begun to follow Rapp’s lead: only offering particularly significant and high-quality objects as individual lots. All other collections are sold as multiple lots not having been deprived of the better pieces. 

Book Your Viewing in Good Time

Viewing multiple lots of great size poses certain challenges to security. We trust our experienced team and have put certain guidelines in place for the viewings. For this reason, Rapp Auctions only allows viewing before the auction sale and by appointment. Please book your viewing appointment in good time, as there are only a limited number of viewing places available. There is usually a great rush shortly before the auction, so it is advisable to book an earlier viewing slot.

From Antiquity to Modernity

Once again in 2017, Rapp is delighted to offer a varied and extensive range of items. From antiquity to the present day, from the Roman denarius to the rare Vreneli, from the exquisitely designed shooting medal to the extensive accumulation of bullion coins, from rarities to untouched collections accumulated over decades: this Rapp auction features everything, absolutely everything.

Lot 262: Bern. VI ducats 1796. HMZ 2-207g. 26.4 mm.

Swiss Coins in the Spotlight

With the exhibition “L’Excellence Suisse – Switzerland’s Most Precious Coins”, Rapp Auctions established itself as the specialist on the market for Swiss coins. This is reflected in the consignments in this catalogue – an entire series of Swiss rarities to delight every connoisseur.

Lot 326: Bern. IV ducats 1798. HMZ 2-209l. 35.4 mm.

Several coins date back to the time of the Old Swiss Confederacy, from the period before the Helvetic Republic. These include two coins from Bern: a 6 ducat piece from 1796 and a 4 ducat piece from 1798.

Lot 345: Swiss Confederation. 100 Francs 1925. HMZ 2-1193. 38.7 mm.

The greater part of the material dates from the time of the Swiss Confederation. The fact that four(!) 100 franc coins from 1925 are available demonstrates the wealth of the selection! Three examples of the 20 franc trial pieces designed by Léopold Wiener are also available, including the variant without the mark of the Belgian mint which is extremely rare. The mint mark was removed for the 80 essays coined in Bern.
There are also several lots containing extensive collections of shooting medals. The rare gold medal issued to mark the Swiss Federal Shooting Festival held in Frauenfeld in 1890 will be auctioned individually.

A Look to Germany

Rapp will dissolve several collections of coins from the German Empire at the auction. This comes after a number of consignors have been inspired by the excellent results recorded by the Rheingold collection in 2016.

Czechoslovakia. 10 Ducats 1935, Kremnica. Fr. 4. Only 600 specimen minted. 45.8 mm.

World Coins

The catalogue also has some treats in store for admirers of world coins. For example the sought-after series of Czech gold commemorative coins with the image of St. Wenceslas on the reverse side. This features 10 ducats from 1931 (only 1,239 pieces minted), 10 ducats from 1935 (only 600 pieces minted) and 5 ducats from 1931 (only 1,528 pieces minted) to be found at the Rapp auction.

Lot 87: Russia. 10 roubles 1756, St Petersburg. Fr. 122. 34.0 mm.

These are accompanied by a 10 rouble piece from the Empress Elizabeth of Russia minted in St. Petersburg. The lots featuring modern gold and silver commemorative coins from China also deserve a closer look.

Thematic Collection: Horsemen

It is also worth noting the exquisite thematic collection featuring designs of horsemen which contains many fascinating coins and medals of the very finest quality. The collection comprises 347 coins and medals in gold, silver and bronze.
Medals make up a significant part of the Rapp auction, with several medal collections from around the world on offer.

Lots composed of bullion.

Rapp: The First Point of Contact for Investors

This catalogue also features extensive accumulations of gold and silver coins; some historical pieces, some modern bullion coins. These are set to be offered at prices below the value of the gold.


An extensive dealer inventory of over 10,000 banknotes will be sold as a single lot. The pieces come from all over the world and boast the very highest quality.

Low Starting Prices as a Policy

At every single auction, our auction room is always filled with bidders. Anyone who has ever been to a Rapp auction knows that lots are called with starting prices which are unrivalled in their affordability. This opens up great opportunities, above all for dealers and resellers. However, any potential customers must bear in mind that not a single lot in the history of Rapp Auctions has ever been sold at its starting bid.

New at Rapp: The Auction for Jewellery and Watches

Rapp Auctions is expanding its portfolio. A special auction for valuable jewellery and watches will take place in 2017 for the first time. The catalogue contains more than 100 lots with selected watches from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre and many others. Connoisseurs can look forward to small, antique treasures such as the 1920s Tiffany watch studded with 216 diamonds.

Order Your catalogue

You can order the catalogue by phone: +41 / 71 / 923 77 44; Fax +41 / 71 / 923 92 20, e-mail or at the company’s website.

The eCatalogue is available online.

You will be able to participate in the auction in person, by phone, by writing, and of course also online and live. 

Please read the auction conditions through carefully, as there are some departures from the customary procedure. To ensure the fair treatment of everyone, all traders and collectors are required to pay a commission of 22%.
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