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24-11-2014 – 01-01-1970

Rapp Auction 2014

Rapp Coin Auction: One of a Kind

Rapp auction sales are different. They are not simply a place to buy and sell coins but an enjoyable social event. Anyone ever attending a sale in Wil is enthusiastic about the excellent service that the Swiss auction house with its long-standing tradition offers to its customers. A limousine collects customers at the train station or the airport. A permanent auction café caters for the physical needs. Festive champagne-receptions provide the opportunity to get acquainted to other coin aficionados. The newly established friendships intensify when sitting in the cosy “Alpstübli” with raclette, wine and musical entertainment.

The “Rheingold” collection: Coins from the German Empire
Nevertheless, the coins still remain the focus of the attention. Rapp once again has assorted a splendid offer. The unrivaled highlight is the “Rheingold” collection, comprising coins from the German Empire compiled over decades with great expertise. Divided into single and multiple lots, it will be sold in order of the Jaeger numbers. One thing is clear: be it collector, dealer or investor – there will be something special for everybody.

Rheingold Collection. Bavaria. Otto, 1886-1913. 20 mark 1913 D. J. 200. Extremely rare. Better than uncirculated. Franquinet certificate. Starting price: 8’000.- CHF.

Which collector would not like to call a 20 mark piece Bavaria 1913 D (J. 200, uncirculated+, starting price: 8’000.- CHF), a 20 Mark piece Reuss, elder line 1875 B (J. 254, VF, starting price: 5’000.- CHF) or …

Rheingold Collection. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Ernest II, 1844-1893. 20 mark 1872 E. J. 270. Extremely rare. Good very fine. Schobner and Franquinet certificate. Starting price: 15’000.- CHF

… a 20 mark piece Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1872 E (J. 270, VF+, starting price: 15’000.- CHF) his own?

A dealer will most likely be interested in the multiple lot consisting of four 10 mark pieces of the city of Lübeck (J. 228, VF, VF-EF, EF, starting price: 1’000.- CHF) or the seven 10 mark pieces Hesse (J. 222, VF, VF- EF, EF, starting price: 3’000.- CHF).
The investor’s eye might very well be caught by multiple lots like the one comprising 177 specimens of the 20 mark piece William II (J. 252, VF, VF- EF, EF, starting price: 10’000.- CHF) or another one with 62 specimens of the 20 mark piece Hamburg (J. 212, mostly VF, some better, starting price: 4’000.- CHF).

An eldorado for Swiss collectors
Naturally, this is only a small part of the comprehensive offer. Another focus of the auction is on Swiss coins.

Merovingians. County of Vaud. Valais, Saint-Maurice. Mint master Romanus. Triens (time of King Dagobert I, 629-639). Planchet error. Extremely rare. Very fine. Starting price: 1’000.- CHF.

Be it a triens of the County of Valais from the time of King Dagobert I (VF, starting price: 1’000.- CHF) or a 100 francs piece from 1925 (EF, starting price: 3’000.- CHF), be it a series of 26 shooting thaler including rarities like Chur 1842 (EF), Glarus 1847 (EF) and Solothurn 1855 (VF+) (starting price: 1’000.- CHF) or high-quality material from an old, large collection with coins from both Zurich and Zug containing such rare items as the schneckenthaler (trace of mounting, VF), the engelthaler (trace of mounting, gilded, VF), the kelchthaler 1526 (trace of mounting, VF) and much more (starting price: 2’000.- CHF). Everyone interested in Swiss coins should pay close attention! Then he will also discover the large group of coins from Central Switzerland. Of course many rarities are hidden here, too, like a ducat 1743 (VF- EF) and another one 1787 from Obwalden (EF), as well as a pistole from Uri n. y. with floridated cross. The starting price is 1’500.- CHF.

Switzerland / Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. Cavalotto n. y. (16th cent.). HMZ 2-943. Very fine to extremely fine. Starting price: 500 CHF.

Something for the connoisseur is the cavalotto from the 16th century that had been issued jointly by the cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (VF-EF, starting price: 500 CHF).
Low starting prices are policy
The company’s auction room will be packed with bidders at any time, because everyone who has witnessed a Rapp auction once knows that the lots are called out at unrivalled low starting prices. This promises good opportunities especially for dealers and re-sellers. Every potential buyer, on the other hand, should be aware that not one single lot was sold at the starting price so far, quite the contrary. The prices rocket since many have done their homework in calculating how much they can spend to still make a profit after all.

Viewing pays off. Make sure to arrange an appointment in advance.
Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Early Modern or Modern Times – a careful inspection will pay off at any rate. Make sure to attend the pre-viewing but please remember: you may only do so by prior appointment. There are usually many customers attending the pre-viewing the day before the auction. So please book your viewing appointment by phone (0041 71 923 77 44) or via the website of the company to make sure you will have enough time to choose the lots that interest you the most.

More Information

Order the auction catalogues:
Order your catalogue at Peter Rapp AG, Internationale Auktionen für Briefmarken & Münzen, Toggenburgerstr. 139, Postfach 276, CH-9500 Wil, Tel: +41 / 71 / 923 77 44; Fax: +41 / 71 / 923 92 20 or via email or via the website of the company.
A small contribution for the shipment will be charged: the coin catalogue within Switzerland CHF 10.–. The Contribution for all catalogues (with philately) in Switzerland is CHF 20.– / within Europe EUR 30.– / to overseas USD 40.–

Live bidding:
From the 1st November 2014, you will also find the auction offer online on Sixbid and Numissearch.
You will have the possibility to place your bids over these website.

Information about the Rapp Auction 2014
Further information about the upcoming Rapp auction 2014 is available on the company’s website.

About Peter Rapp AG
Multi-million-Francs Auction in November
From 24 to 28 November, 2014, the small town of Wil, Switzerland, will change into the Mecca for stamp and coin enthusiasts from all over the world. Rapp Auctions is launching one of this year’s biggest and highest-grossing auction sales worldwide. Stamps and coins for several million Swiss Francs will go under the hammer.

Additional Information:
Marianne Rapp Ohmann
Managing Director, Peter Rapp AG
Toggenburgerstrasse 139
CH-9500 Wil
Phone +41 71 923 77 44
Fax +41 71 923 92 20

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Communication Representative
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