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Partrick and Simpson Collections at Heritage CSNS Auction

More than 2,500 lots from 14 single-owner collections and from clients around the world highlight Heritage Auctions’ US Coins Signature Auction on 22nd to 25th April 2021. The event represents the official auctions scheduled during the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) annual convention, which was cancelled. Public lot viewing will be available by appointment only and the firm is also offering its virtual lot consultation to bidders, following its popularity among clients. A trio of high-value, high-energy Platinum Night auctions headline the event.

Lot 4960: 1792 Judd-13 White Metal Quarter, AU58. The Finer of Two Privately Held. Only Two Other Museum Specimens.

Early Mint Pattern Trophy

The auctions present an important selection of early American coins, one of which has never before offered at auction: one of the four existing 1792 Judd-13 Eagle-on-Globe quarter dollar patterns, in white metal, Pollock-15, High R.7, AU58, NGC, from the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library.

Lot 3034: 1776 Continental Dollar in Silver, VF35. Currency, Newman 1-C, W-8450. One of Two Examples Known.

The Donald G. Partrick Collection

In terms of great Colonial collections, the Donald G. Partrick Collection deserves a preeminent place alongside the legendary collections of Roper, Garrett, Norweb, Boyd and Newman. From the Partrick Collection comes the 1796 With Pole half cent, C-2, B-2a, High R.4, MS65 Red and Brown NGC. CAC, a coin tied for the finest ever graded, and a 1796 No Pole half cent, the third-finest known, graded C-1, B-1, MS63+ Brown NGC. CAC. Also from Partrick, a 1776 Continental dollar, CURENCY, Silver, Newman 1-C, Breen-1091, Hodder 1-A.3, W-8450, R.8, VF35 NGC. CAC, one of only two examples known.

More than 200 pieces comprise the Partrick collection of U.S. half cents, including many Condition Census coins and rare varieties. All told, the half cent lots represent more than half of this Partrick Platinum auction. This superb collection-within-a-collection was assembled by Partrick with the expert assistance of advisor and friend Jon Hanson. Spoons and other silver pieces crafted by early colonial silversmiths such as Ephraim Brasher and Joseph Richardson, Jr. are also featured. Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • A 1792 Washington Perkins pattern half dollar, Eagle and Stars Reverse, struck in silver with Lettered Edge, XF40 NGC.
  • 1795 Plain Edge half cent, punctuated date, the finest-known, C-2b, B-2b, Low R.6. MS62 Brown NGC. CAC.
  • 1943 cent struck on a bronze planchet, a noted transition error and already a six-figure coin, AU55 NGC. CAC.

Rare medals from the Partrick Collection include a 1793 George Washington President Oval Engraved Indian Peace Medal, silver, by Joseph Richardson, Genuine NGC, and a circa 1817, Beaver Club of Montreal gold medal named to David David, an iconic fur trade relic, Genuine NGC.

1794 No Stars Flowing Hair Dollar in Copper. Unique Judd-18 Pattern, VF25. “First Dollar Struck at the Mint”.

The Bob R. Simpson Collection, Part V

The Bob R. Simpson Collection, Part V includes more than 100 selections from the regular U.S. series and 130 outstanding patterns. The part-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team and a lifelong Texas energy executive curated a collection that continues to make numismatic history. Total prices realized from Simpson’s remarkable collection already exceed $50 million and the coins available in Part V are nothing short of exceptional. Advanced collectors are likely to focus on patterns, particularly what is considered the “first dollar struck at the Mint”: a 1794 No Stars Flowing Hair dollar in copper – Judd-18, VF25 PCGS, Unique. Selections from The Bob R. Simpson patterns include:

  • An 1878 Liberty Head half eagle, struck in gold, Judd-1570, PR65+ PCGS. CAC. Unique, Ex: Newlin-Green-Farouk.
  • A gold, 1878 quarter eagle, Judd-1566, PR67 Cameo PCGS, the only known example.
  • An 1852 Annular gold dollar, struck in gold – Judd-137, PR67, one of just two examples known, this one struck over an 1859 quarter eagle.

Outstanding Coins from the Bob R. Simpson regular U.S. series include:

  • Technically a pattern, but listed in the U.S. regular series, an 1866 No Motto Seated dollar, Judd-540, R.8, PR63+ PCGS. CAC. The coin is famous as the rarest Seated dollar and only this example is available to collectors.
  • One of just 10 examples known, an 1884 Trade dollar, PR63+ Cameo PCGS.
  • The elusive gold proof, the finest-certified example of a 1909 Indian quarter eagle, PR68 NGC.
  • One of only four examples known of the 1836 Gobrecht dollar, Judd-65, No Stars Obverse or Reverse, Name on Base, PR62+ PCGS.
1854-O Liberty Double Eagle, XF45. Classic Branch Mint Rarity. 25 Examples Traced.

Additional Rarities

Coins from several private collections and single-owner consignments feature exceptional coins as well, including:

  • A Choice 1854-O Liberty double eagle, the classic O-mint rarity (just 25 examples traced), XF45 PCGS. CAC.
  • An 1870-CC double eagle, the classic first-year Carson City rarity, XF45 NGC.
  • An impressive 1794 Flowing Hair half dollar, AU58+ PCGS.
  • One of the “100 Greatest” US coins: an 1833 BD-1 half eagle, one of only three proofs known with just two examples in collectors’ hands, PR61 NGC.

Heritage Auctions’ US Coins Signature Auction runs 22nd to 25th April 2021 with live bidding available either online or by phone. Bidders may browse all private collections via the auction’s Featured Collections portal. For more information on how to cast a bid or view catalogs assembled for the event, visit Heritage’s website.