Numismatica Ars Classica, CH-Zürich

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19-10-2014 – 01-01-1970

Auctions 79 and 80

Exceptional Greek and Roman coins at NAC

The autumn sales of Numismatica Ars Classica will take place on 20 October, 2014 at the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich featuring two outstanding collections.

Auction 79: The JDL Collection-Part II
Auction 79 comprises the second and final part of the JDL Collection of Greek and Roman coins and consists of just 45 lots with a combined estimated value of approximately CHF 1.2 Million. This collection, of which the first part was sold at NAC’s auction 74 in 2013, was published in 2009.
The quality of both the Greek and Roman coins offered in this sale is absolutely extraordinary and it is extremely difficult to whittle down the many highlights to a short list.

Terina nomos: Ex Giessener Münzhandlung 50, München 1990, lot 137. Estimate: 35,000 CHF.

The undisputed stars of the Greek coins include an extraordinary Terina nomos, probably the best example known; a Naxos tetradrachm ex Gotha Collection; a delightful Mende tetradrachm and an exceedingly rare double stater of Seleucus I Nicator one of only two specimens known.

Caligula sestertius: Bank Leu AG 36, Zürich 1985, lot 235 & Bank Leu AG 10, Zürich 1974, lot 48. Estimate: 200,000 CHF.

For the Roman part of the sale, we must draw the reader’s attention to a prized sestertius of Caligula bearing the celebrated ADLOCVTIO reverse type, undoubtedly the best known specimen of this type and one of the best Roman sestertii in private hands. Other highlights include an extraordinary sestertius of Didius Julianus, in this case the best sestertius known for this emperor, and a spectacular bronze medallion of Constantius II, which closes the sale.

Auction 80: The C. G. Collection of Roman Coins
Auction 80 is dedicated to the exceptional C. G. Collection of Roman coins. Again, an outstanding compendium of coins of excellent quality, this sale comprises over 250 lots in all metals and has a combined estimated value of over CHF 1.6 million. The first century is represented by, among others, a wonderful denarius of Caligula and a spectacular Nero sestertius.

Antinous bronze: Ex Tkalec February 2002, 160 and Leu 91, 2004, 549 sales. Estimate: 35,000 CHF.

Moving to the second century, particularly noteworthy are the unusually well preserved aureus of Matidia, a bronze of Antinous of exceptional quality and a perfect aureus of Pertinax which boasts a prestigious pedigree.

Herennia Etruscilla double sestertius: Ex NAC sale 40, 2007, 808. Estimate: 40,000 CHF.

The third century will not disappoint with highlights such as an exceedingly rare denarius of Diadumenian augustus, only the fourth specimen known; an exceedingly rare aureus of Philip I, an impressive double sestertius of Herennia Etruscilla, and the best denarius of Dryantilla in private hands. The tetrarchy is represented by a fabulous series of miliarense and coins in gold, among which are two beautiful gold medallions and an exceptional solidus of Eugenius.

You can find all highlights of the auctions on Sixbid online.
Here you may find the coins of the auction 79
… and on this site the coins of the auction 80.

You can download the catalogues of the auctions as pdfs on the website of NAC:

Catalogues will be available on NAC’s website.
Printed catalogues will be sent out to existing clients in mid-September and can be ordered through NAC’s Zurich office.

The coins can be viewed in NAC’s London premises (+ 44 207 839 7270) until 7 October and at NAC’s Zurich premises from 16 October (+44 41 261 1703). Please contact NAC’s offices to arrange an appointment.

The JDL Collection will additionally be on exhibition at Tradart’s premises in Brussels from 7-12 October.