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Nomos Presenting its 15th NYINC Fixed Price List

Yes, once again, in fact, for the fifteenth time, Nomos will be presenting a Fixed Price List containing a very select group of Celtic, Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins at the NYINC in January! These fine coins, including many pieces from famous collections of the past, like those of BCD, C. S. Bement, V. M. Brand, Bryn Mawr College, R. Burrage, Chandon de Briailles, Fenerly Bey, M. Lafaille, R. C. Lockett, V. Luneau, E. Milas, Sir H. Montagu, H. de Nanteuil, R. Peyrefitte, G. Philipsen, A. Rhousopoulos, Vicomte L. de Sartiges, E. P. Warren, Consul E. Weber, and Sir H. Weber, are all very worthy of going into one of the great collections of today!

This list will go live on our website beginning at 10AM EST – 4 PM CET on 12 January 2023, when they will also be on display at our Table 307 at the NYINC. Coins be ordered in person or through our webshop portal.

Here are a few examples:

No. 16: Rhegion, AR Tetradrachm, c. 435-425 BC.

The Vicomte de Sartiges bought this coin in 1907 when it was in Jacob Hirsch’s famous List XVII. Now you can buy it!

No. 29: Ainos, AR Tetradrachm, c. 457/6-456/5 BC.

This coin was sold by Bryn Mawr College because there was no place to display it and no way to use it with students. It had been given to the College by an alumna, Elizabeth Washburn King, who bought it from Jacob Hirsch. Previously it was in the collections of the Vicomte de Sartiges and the archaeologist and historian, Professor A. Rhousopoulos.

No. 68: Rhodes, AR Didrachm, c. 340-316 BC.

This is one of the finest of all the surviving Rhodian didrachms; it is outstanding in style and beauty. This coin was acquired in the Tradart auction of December 1991. But where did Tradart get it from? Surely from a collection in which it had quietly resided for decades.

You have seen three obverses of coins in Nomos Fixed Price List 15 – as for their reverses and the 97 other special pieces… soon you will be able to see them too!


Here you can see the list online.

For further information, visit the Nomos AG website.