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21-10-2013 – 01-01-1970

Auction 8

Eukleidas led Nomos 8 auction with 500,000 CHF

For an auction to do well a number of factors have to combine: the material has to be really good, the estimates have to be rational, and the time has to be right. Well, this is exactly what happened with Nomos Auction 8!

The sale opened a very successful auction week in Zürich (including auctions from Tkalec AG and Hess-Divo): the atmosphere was buoyant and there were dealers and collectors from Europe, America and Asia both in the room and on line. This meant that there was a great deal of competition and excitement: many coins went for dramatically more than their estimates. Lovely and rare coins with old pedigrees did especially well: the Metapontine nomos with Dionysos from Leu 33 and Hess-Leu 28, soared to 28,000 (lot 19, est. 10,000); the Katane tetradrachm (38, est. 12,500) went up to 52,000; the Leontinoi (42), which seemed high to many at its est. of 25,000 went for 50,000; and the spectacular facing head tetradrachm by Eukleidas from Syracuse (52) went up from its est. of 75,000 to an astonishing 500,000!

Lot 52. SICILY, Syracuse. Tetradrachm signed by the engraver Eukleidas on the reverse. Estimate: 75,000. Price realized: 500,000.

Anyone who would like to can check through the prices realized to find more exciting results (including quite a number of bargains too!), but there are a few more pieces that ought to be pointed out. The dramatic looking Ainos (64, with a pedigree back to the Chakowski sale of 1908) more than doubled its est. of 8,500 and reached 19,000; a lovely little obol of Perrhaiboi (136) soared to 10,000 (est. 3,000); an Athenian tetradrachm of the early 4th century (155, est. at 2,750 and with a pedigree going back to 1897) was so heavily fought over that it finally sold at 32,000 – a truly amazing price for a wonderful coin. Yet a very attractive and unique denarius of Severus Alexander (238, est. 4,250), sold well under estimate to a lucky floor bidder at 3,600!

In the weeks before the sale took place many people came to view the coins: this is important both for prospective buyers and for us, since we learn from their comments. A perfect example of this is lot 15, a lovely nomos from Metapontum. During viewing a well-known and perky European dealer carefully examined the coin and discovered it had been very skillfully repaired: no one else had seen it but thanks to the viewing we could announce this fact before the sale (and it still went for 7600 to a floor bidder)!
Overall, it was a very successful sale with coins that had total estimates of 1.1 Million CHF selling for 2.2 Million!


Lot 19. LUCANIA, Metapontum. Circa 400-340 BC. Didrachm or Nomos. Rare. A coin of splendid style, very well centered and struck on a broad flan. Nicely toned. Extremely fine. From the B. in B. Collection, ex Bank Leu 33, 3 May 1983, 202. Estimate 10,000. Price realized 28,000.

Lot 38. SICILY, Katane. c. 430-420. Tetradrachm. Rare. Lightly toned and of very fine early classical style. About extremely fine. From the B. in B. Collection, ex Bank Leu 28, 5 May 1981, 26. Estimate 12,500. Price realized 52,000.

Lot 42. SICILY, Leontini. Circa 440-430 BC. Tetradrachm. Very rare. Toned and of particularly fine early classical style. About extremely fine. From the B. in B. Collection, ex Bank Leu 28, 5 May 1981, 30, and from the collections of R. Jameson, J. G. Sandeman, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 13 June 1911, 35, and the Bank of England, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 13 February 1878. Estimate 25,000. Price realized 50,000.

Lot 64. THRACE, Ainos. Circa 412/1-410/09 BC. Tetradrachm. Rare. Attractively toned and well stuck in high relief. Good extremely fine. From the B. in B. Collection, ex Numismatic Fine Arts XII, 23 March 1983, 37, and from the collections of R. Jameson, and Prince Chakowski, Egger XX, 1 July 1908, 240. Estimate 8,500. Price realized 19,000.

Lot 136. THESSALY, Perrhaiboi. Circa 462/1-460 BC. Obol. Extremely rare, the best and most complete known example. Extremely fine. From a European collection, formed before 2005. Estimate 3,000. Price realized 10,000.

Lot 155. ATTICA, Athens. Circa 390-380 BC. Tetradrachm. A rare variety. Beautifully toned, nicely centered and well struck on an unusually regular flan. Nearly extremely fine. From a Swiss collection, ex Hess-Leu 36, 17 April 1968, 209 and J. Hirsch XXXIV, 5 May 1914, 345 (“Prachtexemplar und sehr selten”), and from the collections of H. O. O’Hagan, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 4 May 1908, 426, and Hobart Smith, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 31 May 1897. Estimate 2,750. Price realized 32,000.

Lot 243. Licinius I. AD 308-324. Aureus. Very rare. Attractive, well centered and well struck. Good extremely fine. From the collection of a European specialist. Estimate 15,000. Price realized 43,000.

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Consignments to Nomos Auction 9 in May 2014
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