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21-05-2016 – 01-01-1970

Nomos Auction 12 with Dutch medals

Nomos Auction 12

Nomos 12 features a special collection of Dutch and Dutch related medals. The auction contains the first part of a large private collection of silver medals from the Low Countries, primarily form what is now the Netherlands. While there are some earlier and some later pieces, the majority of this group are form the seventeenth century, the period of time known as the “Golden Age”, when the Dutch were both a major economic and a highly influential world power. This group of medals is of splendid quality: they are all documents of history, which have been made with high artistry and which often show astoundingly minute detail.

Lot 245: Spanish Netherlands, Wigle “Viglius” Aytta van Zwichem, 1556, an original cast by J. Jonghelinck. Ehrend (Speyer) 5/49. Lanna III, 461. Simonis p. 84 and pl. VII, 1.5. Van Loon I, p. 43. Extremely fine. Estimate: 6,750 CHF.

Viglius was a Frisian jurist of great ability who ultimately became one of Charles V’s most important ministers, being president of the privy council in Brussels. When Charles died Wigle wanted to retire but was persuaded by Philip II to remain and, in 1559, become a chief advisor to Margaret of Parma, the regent. This medal was produced at the time when Viglius was at the height of his power and influence.

Lot 269: Netherlands, The Dutch Republic, Gelders, 1619, medal by Johan Wyntgens. Van Loon II, pp. 111-113. Good extremely fine. Estimate: 1,500 CHF.

On the refusal of the Remonstrant Minister Johannes Uytenbogaert to appear before the Synod of Dodrecht. Uytenbogaert was a prominent religious figure during the early Dutch Republic. He helped to found the Remonstrant movement of the Reformed Dutch Church, which was in opposition to Maurice of Orange and the orthodox Calvinists. This led to his conviction by the Synod of Dordrecht in 1618 – he did not appear at the trial but fled the country. He lived in exile in Antwerp and Rouen until Maurice’s death in April 1625, when he was able to return in 1926. 

Lot 275: Netherlands, The Dutch Republic, Frederik Hendrik of Orange-Nassau, 1631, medal by A. van der Wilge. Sandwich AA8. Van Loon II, p. 194-195. About extremely fine. Estimate: 3,750 CHF.

Commemorating the Battle of the Slaak on 13 September 1631, won by the Dutch against a much larger Spanish fleet. The reverse displays a scene of the Battle of the Slaak, with neighboring towns labeled and the artist’s signature on a scroll above the exergue.

Lot 296: Netherlands, The Dutch Republic, plaquettenpenning, or Hollow medal, 1661, by Pieter van Abeele. Frederick 13b/13c=1f. MI, I, p. 472, 75. Extremely fine. Estimate: 2,250 CHF.

On the installation of William III of Orange as a Knight of the Garter. 

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