Naville Numismatics, UK-London

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19-03-2016 – 01-01-1970

Live Auction 21

Naville Numismatics’ Live Auction 21

Naville Numismatics presents its Live Auction 21. The auction will close on Sunday 20 March 2016, 16.00 UK time, at which time the live session will begin.
The auction features a selection of 743 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts.

Lot 48: Sicily, Syracuse Decadrachm circa 269-263. De Luynes 1352. Carroccio 3a (this coin illustrated). Extremely Fine/Good Extremely Fine. From the A.D.M collection. Starting Bid: £ 2500.

The sale begins with a selection of coins, including bronzes and fractions, from Magna Graecia and Sicily. These are “From the Collection of a Distinguished American Scholar formed between the 1950s and early 1990s”; the highlight of this part of the sale is an attractive Decadrachm of Syracuse published in Carroccio and from the A.D.M collection.

Lot 61: Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III, 336-323. Uncertain mint in Greece or Macedonia Stater circa 310-275, SNG Ashmolean 3157. Price 831 (these dies). About Extremely Fine. Ex NAC sale 64, 2012, 2190. Starting Bid: £1,800.

Of the selection from continental Greece it is worth noting a stater of Alexander III, 336-323 (ex NAC sale 64, 2012, 2190) as well as an array of attractive Athenian tetradrachms. This part of the sale also includes an impressive tetradrachm of Tyre (ex NAC sale 78, 2014, 2014).

Lot 407: Egypt, Alexandria, Aemilian, 253 Tetradrachm 253 (year 2). L-B. Geissen -. Dattari 5138. Very rare. Good Very Fine. Starting Bid: £400.

The Roman Provincial section includes a variety of bronzes from Spain, Gaul, Macedonia, Thrace, and Corinth featuring specimens from Lanz’s 2001 sale n. 105 of coins from the BCD collection. An exceptional highlight is a Tetradrachm of Aemilian minted in Alexandria.

Lot 500: Julius Caesar and P. Sepullius Macer. Denarius 44. B. Julia 50 and Sepullia 5. C. 39. Sydenham 1074a. Sear Imperators 107e. Crawford, 480/14. Rare. Toned, minor porosity on obverse, otherwise Good Very Fine. Ex NAC sale 78, 2014, 2028. Starting Bid: £650.

The Roman part of the sale boasts an interesting series of Roman Republican victoriati, denarii and a selection of bronzes from the I. Vecchi 1996 sale n 3. A denarius of Julius Caesar (ex NAC sale 78, 2014, 2028) particularly stands out as a coin of note as well as an attractive denarius of Q. Metellus Pius Scipio.
The Imperial selection of the sale includes a spectacular series of Augustus; an attractive aurei of Vespasian and Titus and a very interesting Medallius of Commodus. There are also some nice medium bronzes of Germanicus and a well preserved Dupondius of Julia Domna with the Temple of Vesta.

Naville Numismatics Ltd’s partnership with NAC guarantees highly professional numismatic service and certifies an unlimited warranty of authenticity for the lots it sells.

You may find all offered coins here.

Lots can be viewed in office in London, by prior appointment only.

Absentee bidders can bid electronically through Naville Numismatics website from the day the sale is published online up to the start of the live Session.