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14-12-2013 – 01-01-1970

Live Auction 4

Superb ancient coins at reasonable prices

The Live Auction 4 of Naville Numismatics Ltd., which will take place on internet, start closing on Sunday 15th December 2013, at 18.00 GMT (UK time), when the Live session will begin. Absentee bids before the start of the Live session can be left now and up to Sunday 15th December 2013, at 17.00 GMT (UK time), exclusively through our Website.

The auction features a selection of 210 lots of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, selected with the contribution of NAC’s experts. The sale begins with a series of coins from Magna Graecia and Sicily featuring rare bronzes with NAC provenances, including Compulteria, Neapolis, Brundisium, Vibo Valentia, Nuceria, Eryz and Kainon.

Lot 11: Calabria, Tarentum. Nomos, circa 39-385. Historia Numorum Italy 869. Good very fine.

The highlights of this part of the sale are a Tarentum’s nomos of superb style Ex Busso Peus sale 380, November 2004, 62 …

Lot 26: Sicily, Gela. Tetradrachm, 420-415. SNG Lockett 770 (these dies). About extremely fine.

… and a Gela tetradrachm Ex NAC sale 51, March 2009, 567.

For continental Greece it is worth noting a Drachm of Larissa, a tetradrachm of Athens of lovely style and a Teos stater as well as a selection of duplicates from the BCD Collection of Lokris-Phokis.

The Roman part of the sale includes an aureus of Titus …

Lot 95: Roman Empire. Matidia. Denarius, circa 112. RIC Trajan 758. Very fine.

… and a denarius of Matidia ex NAC 42, November 2007, 338 from the Barry Feirstein collection.

Lot 107: Roman Empire. Pertinax. Aureus, 193. RIC 4b. Area of weakness on obverse, otherwise extremely fine.

The highlight of the sale is a superb Aureus of Pertinax Ex Hirsch XXXI, 1912, 1477 ; ex A. Hess, 1926, A. Lübbecke coll., 1446, and ex NAC 54, March 2010, 1194 sales. The auction also boasts an interesting series of denarii and a group of Roman Republican bronzes from the Italo Vecchi Sale 3, 1996.

The above selection is in line with our goal of providing valuable grading coins at a reasonable price, operating exclusively through electronic channels.

Naville Numismatics Ltd’s partnership with NAC guarantees highly professional numismatic service and certifies an unlimited warranty of authenticity for the lots it sells.
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Lots can be viewed in the firm’s office in London, by prior appointment only.
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You can find all the highlights of the auction here.