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Naville Numismatics Live Auction 75

Naville Numismatics presents their Live Auction 75. The auction will close on Sunday 31st July 2022, 16.00 UK time, at which time the live session will begin. Absentee bidders can bid electronically through Naville Numismatics website from the day the sale is published online up to the start of the live session. The auction features a selection of 635 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts.

Lot 158: Judaea, The Jewish War (66-70). Shekel, 67-68 (year 2), Jerusalem. From a Swiss collection from Tessin assembled in the 1920‘s (sold with its original ticket). Old cabinet tone, surface somewhat corroded on reverse, otherwise Very fine. Starting price: £150.

The sale includes a selection of coins from the collection of a Mentor. This first section of the sale starts with a rare Carthaginian shekel minted in Hispania, a very rare bronze of Azetium, an interesting nomos of Heraclea, a rare dinomos of Thurium, a well preserved nomos of Caulonia, a rare bronze of Adranum, a very rare bronze of Kossura, a Carthaginian bronze from the duplicates of the British Museum, a very rare tetradrachm of Alexandria in Troas, a bronze of Antiochus VI from the duplicates of the British Museum and even beyond a selection of Hellenistic coins and a series of coins of Tarentum, Metapontum, Caulona, Croton, Syracuse, Macedonia, Athens, Aegina, Corinth, Seleucid kings, Phoenicia, Judaea and Egypt. Noteworthy in this section are an interesting Carthaginian tetradrachm, a rare hecte of Erythrai and an extremely rare denarius of Ptolemy, king od Mauretania.

Lot 396: Roman Republic. C. Egnatius Cn. f. Cn. n. Maxumus. Denarius, c. 75. Rare. Ex Ratto fixed price list number 4, 1969, 165. From a European collection. Lovely old cabinet tone, About Extremely Fine/Good Very Fine. Starting price: £350.

The Roman selection boasts an interesting series of Roman Republican bronzes and a striking array of denarii. This includes a beautiful quadrigatus, a well preserved denarius of M. Porcius Laeca, a rare denarius of C. Egnatius Cn. F. Cn. N. Maximus (ex Ratto FPL 4, 1969, 165), a scarce denarius of C. Vibius C.f. Cn. Pansa Caetronianus (Privately purchased from De Nicola in 1971), a scarce denarius of C. Iulius Caesar, a rare denarius of Sextus Pompeius and a well preserved cistophoric tetradrachm of M. Antonius.

Lot 472: Roman Imperial. Hadrian (117-138). Sestertius, circa 124-127, Rome. Ex NAC sale B, 1992, 1908. Lovely brown-green patina, Extremely Fine/About Extremely Fine. Starting price: £500.

The Imperial selection of the sale features an attractive series of Augustus and also an attractive selection of Roman bronzes and silver coins such as an aureus of Nero, a sestertius of Galba, a denarius of Otho, a rare sestertius of Trajan, a well preserved sestertius of Hadrian, a rare sestertius of Marcus Aurelius, an extremely rare sestertius Septimius Severus, a rare sestertius of Orbiana (Ex NAC Q, NAC 78, 2014, 2355 and Naville 62, 617 sales), a selection of follis from the Rauceby Hoard, found in Lincolnshire, July 2017 (submitted for consideration as Treasure and returned to the finders. PAS ID: LIN-F6D516. BM Ref: 2017 T649), even beyond an interesting selection of Solidi, Denari, Antoniniani, Sesterti, Dupondi, Asses and Folles.

Very remarkable in this part are a beautiful denarius of Tiberius, a well preserved aureus of Antoninus Pius (Ex Naville sale 35, 2017, 620. From the M.N. collection), a beautiful aureus of Lucius Verus and a very rare antoninianus of Pacatian (Ex Giessener Munzhandlung Dieter Gorny 90, 1998).

Lot 379: Egypt, Alexandria. Aemilian (253). Tetradrachm, c. 253 (year 2). Very rare. From the Dattari Collection. Ex Ars et Nummus sale 7/8, 1970, 171 and Naville sale 21, 2016, 407. From a private British collection. Good Very Fine. Starting price: £400.

The Roman Provincial part of the sale includes a selection from the Dattari Collection and an interesting selection of tetradrachms from an American collection.


In the online catalog you can find all coins of the Live Auction 75.

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