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Naville Numismatics’ Live Auction 56

Naville Numismatics Live Auction 56 features a selection of 712 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts. The sale will close on Sunday 22 March 2020, 16.00 UK time, at which time the live session will begin. Absentee bidders can bid electronically through Naville Numismatics website from the day the sale is published online up to the start of the live session.

Lot 121: Ionia. Euphemos, son of Pausanias, magistrate circa 155-140 BC Magnesia ad Maeandrum. Stater, circa 155-140. Rare. Good Very Fine. Starting bid: £1,250.

The sale begins with a selection of coins, including bronzes and fractions, from Magna Graecia, Sicily and Greece, some of them from the E.E. Clain-Stefanelli collection sold in association with Stacks Bowers Galleries.

This section of the sale includes coins offers an attractive series of rare and beautiful coins from Ariminum, Tuder, Larinum, Hyria, Neapolis, Tarentum. Metapontum, Nuceria, Rhegium, Agrigentum, Atha, Gela, Himera, Leontini, Syracuse, Athens and Corinth, even beyond a selection of Hellenistic portraits of Seleucid, Parthic, Sasanian and Ptolemaic kings.

Highlights include a rare dilitron of Syracuse, a 50 Litrae of Syracuse, a extremely beautiful tetradrachm of Athens and a very rare Stater of Magnesia ad Meandrum.

Lot 446: M. Antonius with D. Turullius. Denarius, mint moving with M. Antony 31. Very rare. Attractive old cabinet tone, Good very Fine/Very Fine. Starting bid: £250.

The Roman selection boasts an interesting series of Roman Republican bronzes and a striking array of denarii.

This includes a beautiful quadrigatus, a well struck victoriatus of L series, a beautiful denarius of A. Plautius, a rare denarius of L. Mussidius Longus and a very rare of M. Antonius with D. Turullius.

In this part, there is also an interesting selection of Republican portraits such as I. Caesar, Octavian and Marcus Antonius.

Lot 494: Trajan, 98-117. Aureus, circa 103-111. Good Very Fine. Starting bid: £2,300.

The Imperial selection of the sale features an attractive series of Augustus, a beautiful sestertius of Claudius Drusus, an interesting sestertius of Claudius, a rare sestertius of Agrippina, a beautiful sestertius of Nero, an attractive denarius of Vitellius, a sestertius of Domitian from the Mazzini collection, a very rare denarius of the Civil wars, a rare sestertius of Matidia, a beautiful sestertius of Faustina II from the Mazzini collection, a rare sestertius of Clodius Albinus from the Mazzini collection and a beautiful soldus of Constantius II, even beyond a selection of solidi, siliquae, denarii, tetradrachms, sestertii, dupondii, asses and folles, which includes Claudius, Nero, Galba, Vitellius, Vespasian, Domitian, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta, Elagabalus, Gordian III, Philip I, Philip II, Trajan Decius, Diocletian, Maximianus I, Constantius I, Galeria, Constantine I and Valentinian I.

They are also remarkable such as an aureus of Titus, a rare aureus of Trajan and an aureus of Faustina I.

Lot 318: Egypt, Alexandria. Caracalla, 198-217. Drachm, circa 212-213 (year 21). From a private German collection. From the Dattari collection. Very rare, attractive brown tone, Good Very Fine/Very Fine. Starting bid: £1,200.

The Roman Provincial part of the sale includes a selection from a German collection, some of them also from the Dattari collection.

It is composed of Alexandrine coins from Octavian to Galerius with various types of obols, diobols, hemidrachms, and drachms featuring rare portrayals of ancient divinities.


Naville Numismatics Ltd’s partnership with NAC guarantees highly professional numismatic service and certifies an unlimited warranty of authenticity for the lots it sells.

Lots can be viewed in our office in London, by prior appointment only. During the Live session you can see current lots and bid in real time, making it an easy and fast way to participate in the auction.

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