Münzenhandlung Johannes Diller, D-Munich

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Münzen Diller Fixed Price List 18 Published

Just as they do every year, the Munich-based coin dealer Münzenhandlung Diller recently published a well-compiled fixed price list. It contains 1442 numbers, 804 of which are new arrivals, and includes everything from Celtic gold coins, medieval and modern coins, up to medals, pilgrimage medals, and numismatic literature. We will present some particularly interesting pieces here.

No. 101: Celts. Taurisci. Silver. Seems uneditied. Extremely Fine. Sales price: 1,275 euros.

No. 174: Augsburg, town. Medal of the art school, by Johann Martin Bückle, circa. 1770/80. Mint Luster -. Sales price: 1,775 euros.

No. 213: Baden-Durlach. Friedrich (I) as prince regent. For his older brother Ludwig (II.). Medal by Ludwig Kachel, 1854. Rare, Extremely Fine – almost Mint Luster. Sales price: 1,450 euros.

No. 216: Baden-Durlach. Golden medal for merit, worth 20 ducats, by Christian Schnitzspahn, n.d. (distributed 1873 to 1902), Extremely Fine. Sales price: 12,750 euros.

No. 342: Breisach, town. Plappart n.d. (after 1425). Very Fine +/Very Fine –. Sales price: 675 euros.

No. 367: Hessen-Rodenstein. Georg von Rodenstein. Small cast medal n.d. (circa 1570/83). Seems unedited, solder mark, almost Very Fine. Sales price: 975 euros.

No. 430: Pfalz-Kurlinie. Ludwig III. Goldgulden n.d., (December 1419 – March 1420) tiny hole, Very Fine. Sales price: 1,475 euros.

No. 532: Dresden, town. Medal on the sinking of 3 British ships on 22nd September 1916. Circulation: 30 copies in silver, 4 in bronze. Extremely Fine. Sales price: 775 euros.

No. 669: Medal 1912 by Karl Goetz. On the wedding of Albrecht Bucksath and Hilda Mildner. Extremely Fine. Sales price: 1,675 euros.

No. 662: Cast medal by Theodor Malléner, 1912. On the death of the German aviators Gustav Beissbarth and Georg Lang. 109mm; 523,4gr. Extremely Fine. Sales price: 1,375 euros.

No. 723: Pilgrimage medal. Benediktbeuren. Oval medal, by Peter und Paul Seel, n.d. (before 1700). Extremely Fine. Sales price: 725 euros.

No. 906: Habsburg family. Erzherzog Ferdinand Carl 1646-1662. LOT: Groschen 1647, 1653, 1655, Hall. 3 different pieces. VF-EF; Very Fine. Sales price: 110 euros.

No. 1192: Numismatic Literature. Gaedechens, O. C. Hamburgische Münzen und Medaillen. tome 1-3. Sales price: 695 euros.


The complete list is available at the Münzenhandlung Johannes Diller online shop.