Mowbray International Numismatic, NZ-Wellington

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12-10-2017 – 01-01-1970

Auction #18

Mowbray Collectables, New Zealand’s premier numismatic and philatelic auction house, holds its 18th International Numismatic auction with 552 lots totalling $NZ 328,605 in estimates on Friday 13 October 2018 at 1 pm New Zealand time. All lots are illustrated by photos online. With $1 NZ = € 0.60, $US 0.72 or £ 0.55, the catalogue provides value to a wide range of collectors and dealers. New Zealand material is a Mowbray speciality but there is much more.

Lot 200: Dumnocoveros, Tigirseno stater, AD 25-35. Good VF. Estimate: 6,300 NZD.

Ancient coins total 45, including British Celtic gold staters such as Lot 200, a rare Dumnocoveros Tigirseno stater, AD 25-35, est $6300 in gVF, with a pedigree back to the nineteenth century.

Lot 155: Hadrian. Aureus, AD 119-120. RIC 123. gVF/aVF. Estimate: 6,300 NZD.

Some lots are very affordable with Greek and Roman bronze and silver and from Judaea featuring biblical characters. Gold features Roman aurei such as Lot 155, a rare Hadrian Aureus, AD 119-120, RIC 123, est $6300 gVF/aVF, Lot 150, Alexander the Great stater, est $4500 in EF and others from Carthage, Kyrenaica (Cyrene) and Thrace.  

Lot 306: NZ 2004 Pukaki Ten Dollar coin. Estimate: 5,000 NZD.

Modern gold offers a great range of New Zealand coins including the sought-after Lot 306, NZ 2004 Pukaki Ten Dollar coin, at $5000, representing an important ancestor of the Ngati Whakaue tribe and the scarce 2006 Aslan Ten Dollar coin, showing C S Lewis’s key character, from the time the Narnia movies were filmed in New Zealand. 

Lot 119: Egypt. 500 piastres, 1932. Proof. Estimate: 7,000 NZD.

US gold ranges from an EF 1851 $1 to Coronet Head double eagles and modern $50 coins. Rarities include Lot 119, Egypt 500 piastres, 1932, Proof and Lot 127 Moroccan 500 dirhams of 1954 in UNC.

Lot 314: New Zealand 1879 pattern penny. EF. Estimate: 5,000 NZD.

Thirty New Zealand token lots include Lot 314, an attractive New Zealand 1879 pattern penny in EF, estimated at $5000 and Presbyterian Church nineteenth century communion tokens, including rare tokens such as Lot 329 St John’s Wellington, 1886, estimated at $800.
New Zealand coins offer a 1935 Waitangi Crown estimated at $6200, higher grade predecimals including 1936 florins and important error coins, such as a penny on a sixpence blank, Lot 254, the New Zealand/Solomon Islands Mule $5 uncirculated set dated 2000, estimated at $2000 and Lot 255, a 50 cent full reverse brockage estimated at $800.
Interesting commemorative medals include Lot 407, a large 57mm, 4.08 oz gold medal for the death of Sir Winston Churchill by Edward Jones of Birmingham and a small Israeli gold group of four for events such as the Bar Mitzvah.  Many New Zealand commemoratives are included in larger lots. The military medals include 1860’s New Zealand Wars medals and British Baltic, Egypt, India, King’s and Queen’s South Africa and India medals, while militaria features a rare SS Emden 200 pfennig canteen token, VF, Lot 386.
The 36 World banknote lots feature large accumulations from several large collections. New Zealand banknotes include scarce 50 Pound notes such as Lot 493, Hanna 1940 -55 in gVF, estimated at $5000 and Lot 495, Wilson 1955 -56, with a 0.5 mm margin split, otherwise EF, estimated at $4000. The best of several private trading bank note issues is the 1924 Bank of New Zealand uniform issue specimen pair in gEF, estimated at $2700.

You can browse the catalogue on the company’s website.