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13-06-2017 – 01-01-1970

Golden Ducats

The Golden Ducats: pieces of history

MA-Shops is a platform for dealers of collectible items offering over 700,000 items. In this selection you can find a selection of famous ducats on offer by various dealers at fixed prices.

Double Ducat o.J. 1581-1583.
3,800.00 US$. Spanish type. Busts of Ferdinand and Isabella / Crowned arms. Gold. Friedb. 300; Delm. 879. Attractive specimen. Rare in this condition. Extremely fine, edge mark

1 Ducat (1813) A Austria Franz I.
690.00 US$. Austrian type. Franz I.

Ducat 1637. Province of Netherlands
1,250.00 US$. Dutch type. Gold. 3,49 g.

Crusaders on Chios (1421-1428)
760.00 US$. Zecchino type. Catalog: cf.Friedberg 4. cf. Gamberini 398. cf. Lunardi S. 18. cf. Mazarakis 12. Filippo Maria Visconti, 1421-1436. Weight 3,51gr. obv. Christfigure. rev. Duke of Milan and Saint Peter.

Double Ducat 2017
415.00 US$. Newest type. Including box and certificate.

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