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25-06-2017 – 01-01-1970

Web Auction 1

Impressive rising of prices at Leu Numismatik Web Auction 1

The first webauction of Leu Numismatik on June 26, 2017, was a great success: 83.8% of the 1,500 lots found new owners, yielding a total return of 474,317 CHF on a pre-sale starting price of 250,450 CHF. More than 500 bidders actively participated in the auction, placing over 6,000 bids in the many bidding battles.

Lot 24: Celtic, Northwest Gaul. “Armoricans”. 3rd Century BC. Stater. Good very fine. Starting price: 2,000 CHF. Hammer price: 6,000 CHF.

In doing so, numerous coins obtained astounding returns. It commenced with the Celtic issues: a very rare stater of the Amoricans (no. 24, starting price 2,000 CHF) reached 6,000 CHF, while a smaller quinarius of the Helvetii (no. 69) rose from a starting price of 50 CHF to 750 CHF. 

Lot 86: Calabria. Tarentum. Circa 365-355 BC. Didrachm or Nomos. Good very fine. Starting price: 150 CHF. Hammer price: 1,100 CHF.

Coins from the Greek cultural sphere were also actively bid on. Especially popular were the Classical coins, such as a stater from Tarentum (no. 86, 150/1,100), a tetradrachm from Akanthos (no. 200, 1000/3,800) or one of the famous turtles from Aegina (no. 398, 250/1,500). 

Lot 174: Kings of Thrace. Ketriporis, circa 356-352/1 BC. Chalkous. Very fine. Starting price: 50 CHF. Hammer price: 1,600 CHF.

Yet record returns were also obtained from inconspicuous rarities such as the unpublished chalkous of the Thracian ruler Ketriporis (no. 174, 50/1,600) or the dichalkon from the Macedonian Neapolis (no. 229, 50/480). Subsequently, the Roman coins were also exceptionally popular. Selecting the highlights is particularly difficult here, but nevertheless – and representative of many others – a few pieces deserve to be mentioned. 

Lot 880: Mark Antony, 44-30 BC. Denarius. Good very fine. Starting price: 200 CHF. Hammer price: 2,420 CHF.

A denarius of Mark Antony (no. 880) went for no less than 2,420 CHF on a conservative starting price of 200 CHF, while other denarii of Agrippa (no. 899, 150/1,800) and Marcus Aurelius (no. 1006, 50/1,400) attracted a lot of attention. Rare coins from the era of the barracks emperors such as the antoniniani of Gallienus (no. 1198, 200/3,300), Valerian II (no. 1207, 75/1,100) and Postumus (no. 1230, 150/3,000) were also in demand.

Lot 1457: Switzerland. Zürich. Ducat. Good very fine. Starting price: 500 CHF. Hammer price: 6,500 CHF.

Last but not least, gold proved very popular: the very rare wedding aureus of Caracalla and Plautilla (no. 1059), for example, rose from a starting price of 5,000 CHF to 15,500 CHF, and the Zürcher ducat (no. 1457) flew to no less than 6,500 CHF from a starting price of 500 CHF.

After the auction is before the auction

The consignment deadline for the first room of Leu Numismatik sale is already approaching: until the 8th of August, they will gladly accept your consignments, whether individual items or complete collections. Leu Auction 1 will take place in Zurich on the 25th of October – a preview of the coins is readily available for you here

You can view all results of Web Auction 1 online here. 

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