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Leu Numismatics Webauction 15

On 25th June 2017, Leu Numismatik AG held its first ever auction with Web Auction 1. 1,500 lot numbers were offered with a starting price of 249,950 CHF. The 506 participants in the auction placed 6,055 bids, providing a total hammer price of 474,317 CHF.

For comparison: On 27th and 28th February 2021, a total of 3,450 lot numbers with a starting price of 282,175 CHF came up for auction in Web Auction 15. In this sale, 1,458 different bidders provided 30,913 bids, resulting in a total of over 1.5 million CHF (1,508,882 CHF to be precise).

Lot 505: Kings of Lydia. Alyattes to Kroisos. Trite, circa 610-546 BC., Sardes. A splendid, very well centered piece with a vigorous lion. Good very fine. Hammer price: 6,500 CHF.
Lot 1403: Syria, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Nero, with Poppaea, (54-68). Drachm RY 10 and CE 111 = 63. An exceptionally attractive example with two splendid portraits. Struck on a somewhat short flan, otherwise, extremely fine. Hammer price: 14,500 CHF.

Many factors have contributed to this impressive development of the web auctions over the past five years. They are characterized not only by an extremely wide thematic variety – from antiquity to modern times, over 2500 years of history are represented – but also by attractive offerings in all price ranges. Common coins stand next to rare ones, and averagely preserved coins next to pieces in wonderful condition. This diversity is exemplified by the individual hammer prices in Web Auction 15. On the one hand, there are pieces sold for 25 CHF; on the other hand, there are gems such as the magnificent drachm of Nero and Poppaea from Antioch that found a new owner for 14,500 CHF, and an aureus of Numerian that was sold for 20,000 CHF.

Lot 2079: Numerian (283-284). Aureus, 284, Rome. A few scratches and with traces of mounting, otherwise, very fine. Hammer price: 20,000 CHF.
Lot 3292: Switzerland. Bern. Taler, 1798. A beautifully struck piece with lovely old collection toning. Thin die break on the reverse, otherwise, good extremely fine. Hammer price. 2,800 CHF.

High-quality images, detailed and scholarly descriptions, historical explanations, and an easy-to-use and interactive website all contribute to making the quarterly Leu web auctions events that attract customers from all over the world. The 30,913 bids from 1,458 different bidders from 71 countries in Web Auction 15 are impressive proof of this.

All results from the webauction 15 can be found online.


Would you like to have your coins sold at Leu auctions? Nothing could be easier! Contact Leu Numismatics now via e-mail or by calling +41 52 214 11 10. Leu Numismatics will accept suitable consignments at any time in Winterthur or Munich. Furthermore, the auction house will gladly take care of organizing consignments from abroad and cover the cost of importing these items into Switzerland.

More information can be found on the website of Leu Numismatics.