How the Internet Can Get Coin Trade Through the Crisis

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In times of store closures and lockdown, the internet is more important than ever as a marketplace for the local coin trade. Therefore, the Leitsinn advertising agency has launched an offensive enabling coin dealers to upgrade to an attractive website without high development costs. The offensive is targeted at all coin dealers and starts right now. In this way, the agency wants to support dealers in the fight against the threat of a decline in sales.

Good – But Not Good Enough

Of course, most coin dealers already have a website – and they have had it for years. However, it’s often the very first website they ever created, and, in some cases, the website was programmed in the late 90s. That’s why many of these websites are aesthetically and technically outdated: smartphones and search engines struggle when it comes to properly displaying and processing such websites.

An attractive, modern design is important for gaining new customers. Especially new customers are strongly influenced by the first impression they get, and they immediately leave a website if they don’t like its design.

Optimising websites for smartphones is of crucial importance, too. After all, there has been quite a change in how we use the internet. Many people no longer access digital offers from their computer but from their phone. About 80 % of adults in the UK own a smartphone and they spend an average of two and a half hours on it every day – these people expect websites to be optimised for their mobile devices.

The technical features of a website are decisive regarding the matches of search engines as Google: Google prefers websites that meet the latest technical requirements. Put differently, it’s hard for an outdated website to be among the top results of a search engine.

A new webshop for coin dealers developed by Leitsinn advertising agency may look like this example.

Leitsinn Agency’s Offensive

The Leitsinn advertising agency offers coin dealers a completely new website with online shop meeting high technical and aesthetic standards. We’re not talking about a platform where several coin dealers can be found, but about YOUR VERY OWN website, for which you can continue to use an existing URL. Three design templates are available, these will be customised to each dealer by using his texts and photos.

The new website is optimised for search engines and compatible with computers, tablets and phones.

Operating the website is easy. Administering and using the web shop doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge, a brief introduction will be enough.

Payment for the website is made in monthly instalments, which means that you don’t have to face high initial costs.

You can find out more at our website (the website is available in German, but you can contact the agency in English).

For coin dealer Udo Helmig, the agency developed the entire online presence including the web shop.

The Leitsinn Advertising Agency

Leitsinn knows everything about the digital world and already works with numerous well-known companies from the numismatic field. That’s why the agency is perfectly familiar with the needs of the industry. In addition to the new CoinsWeekly website, the agency also developed the numismatic platform Cosmos of Collectibles. As a so-called lead agency, Leitsinn manages the advertising budget of the State Mints of Baden-Württemberg and is thus responsible for their advertising material, their representation at coin fairs and their website. For coin dealer Udo Helmig, the agency developed the entire online presence including the web shop.

“Ever since Leitsinn was founded, we have been working for and together with clients from the coin industry. Over the years we have thus learned a lot about numismatics, since we adapt our service to every new customer and his needs. That’s why we’re now able to offer a quick and efficient solution to our customers and thus contribute to finding a solution in this time of crisis.” Nico Leithoff, managing director of Leitsinn

Also of Interest to Dealers That Already Have a Modern Website

The offer isn’t only targeted at dealers that don’t have a modern website. “For dealers who operate a state-of-the-art website, we can use search engine advertising to improve their Google search rank in the short term”, explains Nico Leithoff. “The great thing about it is that you don’t have to invest huge sums of money and you only reach the people that are interested in the subject.”. Experts call this strategy “targeting”. Every click is anonymous and traceable. This makes it possible to estimate how useful the measure is after a short amount of time.

For further information please visit the Leitsinn agency website for the offensive for coin dealers and use the possibilities to contact the agency via this website (the website is available in German, but you can contact the agency in English, too).