Heritage, USA-Tampa (FL)

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02-01-2018 – 07-01-2018

U.S. Coins FUN Sale

Specimen 1795 Dollar and Error Rarities in Heritage Auctions’ U.S. Coins FUN Sale

Nearly 7,000 lots from private collections, including early U.S. treasures, error coins and ship wreck ingots, highlight Heritage Auctions’ January 3-8, 2018 U.S. Coins Auction during the Florida United Numismatic Convention in Tampa, Florida.

1795 $1 Draped Bust, Off-Center, B-14, BB-51, R.2, SP62 NGC. From The Twelve Oaks Collection, Part IV.

Standout presentation pieces include an extraordinary 1795 Draped Bust Dollar, SP62 NGC – a special example of this rather curious coin – and the finest-graded specimen of an 1861-S $20 Paquet, AU58+ NGC. The important one-year design subtype offers the rare opportunity to own one of the rarest of all San Francisco double eagles, of only about 200 pieces are known in all grades.

“I think collectors will be surprised at the amount of unusual specimens offered this season,” said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions. “We have the pleasure of presenting private collections that, in some cases, are giving up their secrets for the first time.”

1805 $5 BD-1, High R.3, MS64 PCGS Secure. CAC.

The event features nearly 30 special collections, including the Steven L. Duckor Collection of Walking Liberty Half Dollars and the McCoy Family Collection of U.S. Early Gold which includes an 1805 $5 BD-1, High R.3, MS64 PCGS Secure. CAC.

1880 $4 Judd-1657, Pollock-1857, PR67 Cameo NGC. From The Burgess Lee Berlin, M.D., J.D. Collection of Important United States Rarities.

The Burgess Lee Berlin, M.D., J.D. Collection of Important United States Rarities is releasing its stunning 1880 $4 Judd-1657, Pollock-1857, PR67 Cameo NGC. The coins seldom appear at public auction, and every offering is a notable numismatic event. This magnificent PR67 Cameo example presents an excellent opportunity to obtain a truly legendary coin, in just its third public auction appearance.

1838-O 50C GR-1, R.7, Branch Mint PR63 PCGS. CAC. From The Jenkins Family Collection.

An 1838-O Reeded Edge Half Dollar, Branch Mint, PR63, PCGS. CAC – one of the finest of only nine surviving pieces known – appears courtesy of the Jenkins Family Collection. The classic early branch mint rarity is one of 20 examples documented to have been minted, which only maintains the coin’s mysterious origins. Steeped in American history, the coinage was extremely limited due to equipment malfunctions and extended closures during the yellow fever epidemic. Pre-auction bidding for the enigmatic issue had already pushed the price for the coin into the six figures.

1943 CENT Struck on a Bronze Planchet MS61 Brown NGC.

Error collectors will certainly zero in on two 1943 Lincoln bronze cents, one a Philadelphia coin and the other from San Francisco. A 1943 CENT Struck on a Bronze Planchet, MS61 Brown NGC, is a legendary off-metal error produced outside the U.S. government’s switch from bronze cents to zinc-plated steel during WWII. 

1943-S 1C Struck on a Bronze Planchet AU53 NGC. From The Kerry Rudin Collection.

A 1943-S 1C Struck on a Bronze Planchet, AU53 NGC is one of just six known examples traced to the mint as it remains among the best-known and most valuable issues in all of American numismatics.

2018 FUN World Currency Auction

At the FUN more than 1,600 lots of World Paper Money from around the globe are expected to be among the most coveted lots presented by Heritage Auctions.
“This event has been extremely successful for us in recent years, and we anticipate similarly strong results this year,” Heritage Auctions Currency Consignment Director Dustin Johnston said. “We have compiled an extensive collection of currency from around the world, enough to appeal to collectors of many different kinds of currency.”

Set of four German New Guinea Australian Occupation WWI notes. Estimate: USD 200,000-240,000.

A rare set of four German New Guinea Australian Occupation WWI notes (est. $200,000-240,000) very well could end up claiming top-lot honors at the event. The set includes four of the five known denominations issued, all in incredible condition compared to other known survivors. German New Guinea notes issued under Australian occupation in World War I are so scarce that it has been more than a decade since two of these denominations have been offered at auction.

South Vietnam. National Bank of Viet Nam, 1000 Dong ND (1955-56). Pick 4As Specimen. Estimate: USD 40,000-50,000.

A South Vietnam National Bank of Viet Nam 1000 Dong ND (1955-56) Pick 4As Specimen (est. $40,000-50,000) is easily one of South Vietnam’s most coveted designs. The French polychrome inks remain bright in this design depicting Vietnamese scenes; the Old Man and Temple design is one of the most popular engraving on all of World Paper money. All features are enhanced by the stainless French banknote paper.

A Spain Banco de Espana 500 Pesetas 1.10.1886 Pick 37 (est. $20,000-30,000) is extremely difficult to find in any grade range, much less an example at PMG Extremely Fine 40 Net. One of the rarest pieces of paper money in all of Spanish Numismatics, this early Spanish piece has been repaired, but that is overshadowed by the sheer rarity of the note. This 500 Pesetas is the only example graded by PMG.

This Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan Haj Pilgrim Issue 10 Rupees ND (1950) Pick R2 (est. $15,000-20,000) may well be the finest Haj Pilgrimage 10 Rupees note from the first Pakistani issue, and was printed for use in Saudi Arabia by Pakistan’s attending Haj. This note is rarely seen, especially in such pristine condition, which underscores the likelihood that it will be extremely popular among serious collectors.
The auction also will include a collection of rare Hawaiian notes, both in issued and proof form. Among the group’s top lots:

A Hawaii Kingdom of Hawaii $100 ND (1879) Pick 4b Remainder (est. $25,000-35,000) from the Art Davidson Collection was acquired by the consignor from a Newman auction featuring a set of proofs, $10 through $100. The final member of this Hawaiian Islands remainder set is exceedingly rare in any form. The face design is memorable and combines stellar elements from the ABN repertoire, including a globe at the center that shows the Americas. At the left is a steamer headed west and a train headed east, with palm trees in the background. Also included are images of a cow and a galloping horse. One of the auction’s most attractive notes, with blue tints not often seen on earlier American Obsolete or Federal type notes. The note was printed in 1879 – 80 years before Hawaii became a state. Davidson’s collection includes many Federal issues in the United States Currency Auction at this event, all incredible $100 notes spanning the history of U.S. currency.

A Hawaii Kingdom of Hawaii $100 ND (1879) Pick 4b (est. $15,000-25,000) is the highest denomination of the first series. This is a particularly rare example – even more so than proofs or specimens – because fewer of these high denominations were released. Because of large American business interest at the time, corporations preferred to have large sums of money in U.S. dollars. Notes did not fare well in the unforgiving climate, making notes like this one with the bright blue inks intact very rare.

Another Hawaii Department of Finance $5 1895 (1899) Pick 6p Face Proof (est. $10,000-15,000) features the classic golden design from the Series B Gold Coin issue. There was another subsequent gold coin series, but all features in that series were executed in blue. This note features outstanding intaglio embossing and underprints, as well as serial numbers made up only of zeroes and four POCs over the signature area.

Other top lots include, but are not limited to:

* Danish West Indies Dansk-Vestindiske National Bank 20 Francs 1905 Pick 19a: est. 30,000-35,000

  • Government of Ceylon 50 Rupees 50 Rupees 1.11.1909 Pick UNL: est. $12,500-17,500
  • Government of Fiji £20 ND (1937-51) Pick 43s Specimen: est. $10,000-15,000
  • Reserve Bank of India 1000 Rupees ND (1954-57) Pick 46s Jhunjhunwalla 6.9.1 Specimen: est. $10,000-15,000
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand £50 1.8.1934 Pick 157: est. $10,000-15,000
  • Government of India 1000 Rupees ND (1928) Pick 12e Jhunjhunwalla 11.2A: est. $10,000-12,000
  • Central Bank of the Bahamas $50 1974 Pick 40a: est. $8,000-10,000

Heritage Auctions’ FUN U.S. Coins Auction runs January 3-8 in Tampa, Florida. The firm’s Platinum Night Auction starts at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, January 4, offering bidding via live floor, live phone, mail, fax, internet and Heritage Live on HA.com.

For more information on the auction and viewing the items, click here.