Heritage, USA-Anaheim, CA

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10-08-2016 – 01-01-1970

ANA World & Ancient Coins Signature Auction #3048

Three Collections Bolster World & Ancient Coins Offerings at Heritage ANA Auctions

Heritage Auctions will be presenting selections from the Cape Coral Collection of Multiple Talers, the Redwood Collection of Swiss Coinage, and the Isaac Rudman Collection of Mexican Coins, Part III as featured collections in the 914-lot catalog for its 2016 ANA World & Ancient Coins Signature Auction in Anaheim, California, August 11.

Lot 29022: German States. Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Friedrich Ulrich, 10 Taler, 1620. Goslar or Zellerfeld mint. Hans Laffers as mint master. KM229, Dav-43 (LS). Estimate: $150,000-$200,000.

The Cape Coral Collection of Multiple Talers is amongst the most refined pre-unified German collections in existence. The diverse offerings include a 1620 Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Friedrich Ulrich 10 Taler MS61 NGC. Weighing nearly 300 grams, it is a truly commanding piece. “It is an improbable survivor, not only the finest example of the type we have seen, but probably among a handful of the finest extant pieces of this denomination in silver from any issuer,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Executive Vice President of International Numismatics at Heritage Auctions.

Lot 30105: Switzerland. Confederation, 100 Francs, 1925. KM39, Fr-502, HMZ-21193a. Estimate: $20,000-$30,000.

Immediately following the sale of the Cape Coral Collection will be a session for Part One of the Redwood Collection of Swiss Coinage. Spanning more than 500 years, the collection samples every facet of Switzerland’s numismatic history. Heading this collection is a 1925-B Confederation Gold 100 Francs MS65 PCGS. A one-year issue, the Redwood example displays crisp details and subtly-aged mint luster.

Lot 31109: Mexico. Philip V. 8 Reales, 1732 Mo-F. Estimate: $100,000-$150,000.

Isaac Rudman’s 146-piece collection of Mexican Philip V pillar coins is totally complete, with many pieces the finest of their types. The collection is headlined by a 1732 8 Reales Mo-F MS63 NGC, KM 103. Exhibiting full mint bloom, this mint state example is the second finest certified at NGC. “We are proud to offer the Philip V series of pillar coins from the Rudman collection,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Heritage’s Executive Vice President of International Numismatics. “Given the totality of the collection and its incredibly high quality, this group is indisputably the most important of its kind ever offered to the public.”

Lot 32330: Great Britain. George V, Penny, 1933. Royal mint. KM838, S-4055, Peck-2279, Freeman-209. Estimate: $100,000-$150,000.

The ANA event culminates with the Platinum Night Session on the evening of August 11, where more than 500 carefully selected treasures from around the globe are presented. In addition to featured collections, Heritage will be presenting an exceptionally rare Great Britain 1933 George V Penny MS63 Brown NGC, one of 7 examples known. Just 3 of the 7 are thought to be in private hands today, with no recorded sales of any of them in over a decade. “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to own one of the most elusive and coveted coins in British numismatics,” said Bierrenbach. “This very coin inspired a whole generation of British numismatists, who began collecting by rummaging through their pockets in the hope of finding a 1933 George V penny.”

Lot 32293: Great Britain. Mary (Sole Rule, 1553-1554), Ryal, 1553. Tower mint. S-2489, North-1957 (ER), Schneider-709 (same dies). Estimate: $140,000-$160,000.

Collectors of British coinage will also have their eye on a 1553 Queen Mary Gold Ryal AU55 PGCS and … 

Lot 32323: Great Britain. Victoria, 5 Pounds, 1839. KM742, Fr-386, S-3851. Lettered edge. By William Wyon. Estimate: $90,000-$110,000.

… an 1839 Queen Victoria Una & the Lion 5 Pounds Gold Proof PR Genuine PCGS. The Ship Ryal, a classic rarity in British numismatics, is one of 10 pieces of the type in private hands, while the 5 Pound gold proof is often listed among the world’s most beautiful coins.

Lot 32067: Judaea. The Jewish War (AD 66-70). Shekel. Jerusalem or Masada mint. Hendin 1370. TJC 215. AJC 263, 31. Very rare. Estimate: $250,000-$300,000.

In Ancient Coins, collectors will have the rare opportunity to bid on one of the most storied coins in Judean numismatics. A Jewish War (AD 66-70) Year 5 AR shekel Choice VF* NGC excavated at Masada is expected to draw considerable activity. As one of the few surviving pieces from the Fall of Jerusalem, a coin such as this is exceptionally rare and an integral part of the history of Judea.

Please find the complete auction catalog here.