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06-01-2018 – 07-01-2018

NYINC World Coins Auction

Heritage offers first English gold coin ever struck

A stunning array of nearly 6,200 lots from around the world and spanning several centuries will be available to collectors, dealers and investors at Heritage Auctions’ January 7-8 NYINC World Coins Auction, held in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention in New York.

“Our official auction at the NYINC is one of the most impressive offerings our team has put together,” Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President of Coins Cristiano Bierrenbach said. “This auction should build on the momentum created in our outstanding December sale in Hong Kong. With more than 6,200 lots ranging throughout sessions spanning over four days, there certainly is something for every collector in our NYINC event.”

Henry III, 1216-1272. Gold Penny of 20 Pence ND (c. 1257). MS63 NGC. Estimate: USD 250,000-500,000.

Among the lots expected to draw the most attention is the first English gold coin ever struck: a Henry III (1216-1272) gold Penny of 20 Pence ND (c. 1257) MS63 NGC (est. $250,000-500,000). One of only a handful of examples of this type known to exist and believed unique in this die-pairing, this spectacular piece is among the gold coins King Henry III ordered in response to the Florentine Florin, the first successful European gold issue to trade throughout the continent in the High Middle Ages. As the first gold issue of the Plantagenet dynasty, it can rightfully be called the first English gold coin.

Ionia. Ephesus. Phanes, ca. 625-600 BC. EL stater. NGC (photo certificate). VF 4/5 – 4/5. Estimate: USD 200,000-300,000.

A historic stater from Ionia. Ephesus. Phanes (ca. 625-600 BC). EL stater (23mm, 14.14 gm). NGC (photo certificate) VF 4/5 – 4/5 (est. $200,000-300,000) is one of the earliest recorded coins to bear both a type and inscription. Featuring a stag with its head lowered, and the retrograde legend “I am the badge of Phanes,” this famous electrum stater stands out for both historical importance and vigorous archaic artistry. The early date of the issue is confirmed by the archaic artwork and legend, and the discovery of a fraction from the same series in a votive deposit in the foundations for the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the construction of which began prior to 550 B.C. 

Joao, Prince Regent. Massive gold Ingot of Vila Rica, 1814. Estimate: USD 200,000-250,000.

A Joao Prince Regent Massive gold Ingot of Vila Rica 1814 ($200,000-250,000) is the heaviest of 43 nuggets produced at Vila Rica by nearly 80 grams. Provenance traces back to 1903, when it appeared in Spink & Son’s Numismatic Circular. Likely purchased in 1903 by magnate Archer Huntington, it was endowed to the Hispanic Society of America in New York City.

Charles I. Gold Triple Unite, 1643. MS61 NGC. Estimate: USD 200,000-250,000.

A Charles I gold Triple Unite 1643 MS61 NGC: ($200,000-250,000) is an outstanding specimen of this remarkable coinage, the largest gold issue of England and one of the most refined of the Civil War issues. This strike, from the Oxford mint, features a superb portrait of Charles and offers a glimpse into the volatility of the Civil War period through dual reverse legends that read, “EXURGAT DEUS DISSIPENTUR INIMICI,” which translates to “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered” and “RELIGIO PROTESTANTIUM LEGES ANGLIAE LIBERTAS PARLIAMENTI,” or “The religion of the Protestants, the laws of England, and the liberty of Parliament.”

Republic gold 6-Piece Certified Proof Set 1915. Estimate: USD 150,000-200,000.

A Republic gold 6-Piece Certified Proof Set 1915 (est. $150,000-200,000) from the Philadelphia mint, and previously part of the famed Eliasberg Collection, is a classic 20th-century gold proof set that is of immense importance in the field of Cuban numismatics. Each of the six coins – one each in denominations of one, two, four, five, 10 and 20 pesos – features the frosted bust of Jose Marti on the obverse, while the arms of Cuba fill the reverse centers. 

Other top lots include, but are not limited to:

  • William IV 14-Piece NGC-Certified Proof Set 1831: est. $100,000-150,000
  • Louis XIII gold Restrike 10 Louis d’or à la tête laurée 1640-A MS62 NGC: est. $100,000-150,000
  • JUDAEA. The Jewish War (AD 66-70). AR shekel (23mm, 13.12 gm, 11h). NGC XF 4/5 – 3/5: est. $100,000-150,000
  • Nicholas II gold Specimen 1/2 Imperial of 5 Roubles 1895-A? SP62 PCGS: est. $100,000-150,000
  • George III silver “Three Graces” Proof Pattern Crown 1817 PR65 Cameo NGC, KM-PnA77, L&S-152, ESC-2020 (R2) from the Cape Coral Collection: est. $50,000-80,000

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