Heritage Auctions, USA-New York

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13-01-2014 – 15-01-2014

Eric P. Newman Collection Part III

Eagerly attended part III of Eric P. Newman Collection

Selections from the Eric P. Newman Collection of World Coins Part III will be offered by Heritage Auctions January 14-16, 2014 at the company’s Park Avenue location; lot viewing will take place January 8-15.

Parts I and II of the famed numismatist’s collection, auctioned in 2013, have realized more than $27 million, garnering international media attention.

‘Eric P. Newman’s collection of world coins takes us on a voyage through numismatic history: from Tierra del Fuego to the Rio Grande, across the Atlantic through the European continent, moving east into Russia, south into Asia, and west into Africa,’ said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Vice President at Heritage Auctions. ‘This true international coin collection, featuring superb rarities from more than 40 countries, will be presented in a dedicated catalog.’

Today, at 102-years-old, Eric P. Newman is the foremost United States numismatic researcher and author. In addition to assembling one of the single finest collections of U.S. coinage ever seen, Newman accumulated a premier collection of world coins and medals. His enjoyment of travel and adventure is a significant part of his never-ending quest for knowledge of the world and its inhabitants.

‘Eric P. Newman has visited more than 150 countries in his extensive travels with his wife Evelyn,’ said Bierrenbach. ‘These amazing coins are a testament to his global voyages.’

‘While the Newman collection is very diverse, perhaps the strongest overall section consists of the German and Austrian coins,’ said Bierrenbach. ‘There are many rare and previously-unknown specimens that are sure to set new records.’

30010: Salzburg. Markus Sittikus Graf von Hohenems gold 14 Ducats 1612, Fr-700. Estimate: $50,000-$75,000.

Of the many highlights of this grouping, an extraordinary Austrian gold 14 ducats from Salzburg, struck in 1612 under Markus Sittikus Graf von Hohenems, deserves special attention.

30092: Saxe-Altenburg. Duke Friedrich Wilhelm III gold 10 Ducats 1672. Fr-2913. Estimate: $50,000-$75,000.

Other coins of note include a 1672 Saxe-Altenburg gold 10 Ducats, struck under Duke Friedrich Wilhelm III, as well as an artistic 1674 Emden ‘City-View’ 2 Taler.

The coins of Great Britain are also well represented in the Newman collection. Some noteworthy pieces include:

Kings of Wessex. Aelfred the Great (871-899) portrait ‘Monogram’ Penny ND, London mint, struck c.880. S-1061, North-644. Estimate: $10,000-$12,500.

… a superbly preserved Alfred the Great portrait Penny, a magnificent and bold Mint State Rose Ryal and an exceptional James VI gold 80-Shillings ‘Hat Piece.’

With coins ranging from early hammered to modern rarities, there are also many notable Italian coins in the collection. One of the highlights is a 1902 Vittorio Emanuele III 20 Lire, a classic Italian rarity. Other featured coins include a Pope Leone X 2.5 Ducati and a Pope Paolo III 2 Fiorini di Camera.

30047: Republic gold 4 Escudos 1841 MV-A, KM19. Estimate: $25,000-$30,000.

The Newman Collection possesses a wide variety of Latin American highpoints, such as a rare 1841 Ecuadorian 4 Escudos from the Quito mint, a previously unrecorded 1751 Guatemalan Escudo of Ferdinand VI and what is certainly the finest known Carlos II Cob 4 Escudos from Peru.

‘We’ve had numerous inquiries from Russian collectors regarding some of the extremely rare gold coins in this collection,’ added Bierrenbach. ‘Some of the highly anticipated coins are the exceedingly rare 1729 Peter II Ducat, the very desirable 1748 Elizabeth Ducat and the 1766 Catherine II 10 Roubles.’

30261: Carl (IX) Regency Period Daler 1599, Stockholm mint, SM-7. Estimate: $25,000-$30,000.

Eric P. Newman also focused on collecting Swedish coinage. A few of his many outstanding pieces include the rare 1599 Carl IX Daler, a Swedish Possessions Taler of Carl XI from Livonia-Latvia and a 1767 Adolf Frederik gold medal that has a pedigree that can be traced back nearly 250 years.

Items being sold are from the extensive collection of Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (a Missouri not-for-profit corporation) and have been assembled over a period of 90 years. Proceeds of the sale of all items will be used exclusively for supplementing the Society’s museum operations and scholarly numismatic research efforts and for the benefit of other not-for-profit institutions selected by Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society for public purposes.

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