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13-04-2011 – 01-01-1970

Heritage-Gemini Signature Ancient Coins Auction

Ancient Coins Star In $3.3 Mio. Heritage-Gemini Auction

Outstanding ancient coins brought strong prices in the just-concluded 2011 April Heritage-Gemini Signature Ancient Coins Auction, which took place at the Chicago International Coin Fair in Rosemont, IL on April 14. Overall, this auction realized over $3.3 million, including all buyer’s premiums.

The top coin in this auction was a spectacular tetradrachm from the island of Naxos, c. 415 BC. This good EF coin depicts the wine god Dionysus, who, according to legend, had a strong attachment to Naxos. This splendid example of one of the great classical rarities realized $174,800.

Roman offerings in this auction were led by a two solidi gold medallion of Constantius II, minted in Thessalonica c. 350-355 AD, which sold to an enthusiastic bidder for $126,500. This EF example is only the fifth recorded example of this piece and bears a pedigree dating back to 1896. It is a beautiful medallion with wonderful style.

Other highlights included but were not limited to:

* Cos: Discus Thrower Triple Siglos, c. 480/70 BC. EF. Realized $92,000.
* Akragas: Quadriga Tetradrachm, c. 410-406 BC. EF. Realized $86,250.
* Ionia: EL Lion scalp Stater, c. 600-550 BC. VF/EF. Realized $74,750.
* Roman Empire: Aureus of Magnia Urbica, Lugdunum mint, c. 284 AD. Mint State. Realized $69,000.
* Ptolemaic Kingdom: Cleopatra VII AE27. 51-30 BC. Choice EF. Realized $60,375.
* Roman Empire: Aureus of Numerian, Siscia mint, 283-284 AD. FDC. Realized $43,125.
* Roman Empire: Aureus of Aelian as Caesar, Rome mint, 137 AD. Near Mint State. Realized $37,375.
* Elis: Olympiad Stater, c. 452-432 BC. VF/Good VF. Realized $37,375.
* Roman Empire: Aureus of Diadumenian as Caesar, Rome mint, 217-218 AD. About EF. Realized $37,375.
* Roman Republic: Aureus of Octavian and Julius Caesar, Northern Italy, 43 BC. VF. Realized $34,500.

If you would like to browse the auction’s catalogue you can find it here.

More information on Heritage-Gemini on its website.